Top 3 Ways to Update Your New Home Built Years Ago

Top 3 Ways to Update Your New Home Built Years Ago

Moving into a new home is an exciting time full of potential and ideas for the future. As you look around your house, are some paint and decor elements a little outdated? Are exterior surfaces worse for wear? Or does it simply not feel like your space yet?

There are lots of exterior and interior painting services that can get it back to looking like new and feeling like it reflects your unique taste and style.

Refurbish Your Outdoor Spaces

Starting outside with your home improvement is a great way to show the neighbors you're taking things in a fresh new direction. A number of practical exterior painting projects also have a big impact:

  • Deck and Fence Staining: Natural wood staining restores the beauty of wood surfaces inside and outside your home. Staining decking and fences can dramatically improve both their appearance and their performance against the elements. Prepping before staining is also an ideal opportunity to assess and correct structural issues with your exterior wood work before problems like wood rot spread to other areas.

  • Sealing Concrete: Concrete sealers are an ideal way to preserve and strengthen your exterior sidewalks, walkways, driveways, and the concrete around your pool. Making them more impervious to moisture will protect their longevity, and improving their smoothness and appearance is always a plus. Exterior painters can apply sealers quickly and efficiently, so you don’t have to sacrifice outdoor fun.

  • Painting Walls, Trim, and Siding: If you're ready to make a big impression, painting exterior walls, trim, and siding is always a good choice to bring the look and feel of your home into this century. The best color and type of exterior paint varies according to the look you're going for, the effect you want to create, and the unique characteristics of your home.

Revive Your Master Bedroom

Your master bedroom should be a relaxing, revitalizing space. If looking at and being in that room isn't doing that, then it's time to update the paint. According to design blog Jenna Kate at Home, “Shades of blue, blue-gray, blue-green, and soft gray are perfect colors for a bedroom. Blue is associated with a sense of calm and relaxation, so it makes sense that these colors would work well.”

For a sense of romance, don’t be afraid to go for deeper, livelier shades of blue, red, or even orange. Whatever inspires you and makes you feel most comfortable in your space, experienced interior painting contractors can make your dream master bedroom happen.

Refinish Antique Cabinets

Few things can update a kitchen, bathroom, or home storage area faster than professional cabinet painting and refinishing. Even if your new home has older cabinets, they can look like new with a fresh coat of paint, stain, or glaze.

As long as your cabinets aren’t significantly deteriorated, cabinet painting is a viable, cost-effective option that’s far more affordable (and less messy) than cabinet reconstruction or new cabinet installation.

Make Your Favorite Rooms Even Better

You don’t have to stop with the master bedroom. Professional interior painting services can be an integral part of repurposing or revitalizing any of your favorite rooms in your new house.

  • You can start small, with trim painting and details to make things pop.

  • You can immediately modernize any room with popcorn ceiling removal, transforming your ceiling into a blank canvas for complementary and contrasting colors.

  • Refinishing interior doors is a great touch for making a room more inviting.

  • Accent walls add character and interest to an area without big design overhauls.

When it comes to paint color selection, light neutrals and whites are popular colors for any interior room because they’re highly reflective and give the room an open, airy feeling. These are especially great choices for kitchens, living rooms, and any other room in your home that gets a lot of natural lighting.

We’re Ready to Kickstart Your Refresh

If you’re wanting to make a new home feel more “yours,” Trico Painting is a dedicated, experienced team of local house painters you can trust to tackle your to-do list. Our project planning and expertise means minimal interruption to your routine and gorgeous results you can be proud of on cabinets, walls, and more. Don’t spend another day dissatisfied with your own space. Contact Trico Painting today and let us know how we can kickstart your home painting projects.