Top 6 Power Washing Mistakes

Top 6 Power Washing Mistakes

Power washing can be a great way to get your home exterior surfaces free of paint and debris. But there’s room for error if you’re thinking of power washing your property yourself. Let’s address the most common power washing mistakes so you know how to avoid them.

#1 Using the Wrong Water Pressure

One of the most common power washing mistakes is not using the correct water pressure for the intended surface. If the pressure is too low, debris or old paint won’t come off completely. If too much pressure is used, delicate surfaces could be warped or damaged. Power washing done right means matching the pressure to the surface expertly so that the surface stays stronger, longer.

#2 Using Outdated or Ineffective Equipment

If you’re borrowing an old power washer to do your job, the equipment is likely not in pique condition. To get the best results, the latest, professional equipment is necessary. Power washing with borrowed or “bargain basement” equipment could also mean that the power washer you’re using doesn’t have the pressure settings or nozzles you need to get the job done right.

#3 Using Hot Water

Hot water may be appropriate for commercial buildings or industrial properties, but it’s too much for most home exteriors and HOA properties. Cold water in the right equipment, on the right setting: those are the key factors in whether or not your power washing will get great results.

#4 Omitting Cleaning Solution

Power washing relies on more than water. Cleaning solution is used to bind to the particulates on your exterior surface so water can completely remove them. It also kills mold, mildew, and other contaminants that could otherwise create a health risk. If you leave out the cleaning solution, your power washing job is an incomplete one.

#5 Inadequate Landscape Protection

Because the cleaning solution used can harm grass, plants, and foliage, wetting them before power washing makes it less likely that the cleaning solution will cling to plant life or landscaping. If yours is a more heavy-duty or larger-scale project, it may be best to hose off landscaping throughout the process.

#6 Lack of Safety

Wind can impact where the spray goes when power washing, and highly pressurized water moving at a high rate of speed is painful. If it hits you, it can injure you. Without proper protective wear, including heavy duty boots, gloves, and eyewear, you’re putting yourself at risk with DIY power washing.

Reduce Risk, Choose Efficiency

Any of these power washing mistakes could mean more cost, more effort, and more stress than you’re prepared for, not to mention all the potential health and safety hazards involved. Hiring professionals for power washing averts many of those risks.

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