Using Paint to Beautify Your Bathroom or Powder Room

Using Paint to Beautify Your Bathroom or Powder Room

Bathroom painting is a great way to show some TLC to some of the most frequently used areas of your home, and to brighten up an area of home interiors that is often neglected. Trico Painting has some suggestions for using paint to beautify your bathroom or powder room. Here’s what to consider when planning your next bathroom painting project.

How to Beautify Your Bathroom

Try Bathroom Cabinet Painting

Few things can transform the space like bathroom cabinet painting. You don’t have to replace or rebuild cabinets if they’re structurally sound. Repainting bathroom cabinets reinforces protection against wear and tear while making the whole space look cleaner, brighter, and more polished.

Bathroom cabinet refinishing is a solid choice if you’re wanting a significant change beyond reapplying existing paint colors or stains.

Both painting and refinishing bathroom cabinets require careful surface preparation and good quality materials and tools to get the results you want. But those results will be worth the effort.

Choosing a cabinet paint color for your bathroom is up to you, and the possibilities are endless. But if you’re looking for something new, you could try going from a dark to a light color (or vice versa). You could also select cabinet colors that complement or contrast with bathroom flooring, decor, and fixtures.

Natural wood finishing gives a lush, natural look to bathroom cabinets that homeowners and HOAs love if they’re looking to create a cozy, classic look with their bathroom updates. Staining interior surfaces also means it’s more likely your finishes will last longer than the same finish would last outdoors, since your bathroom cabinets are in a climate-controlled space.

Plan Creative Wall and Ceiling Painting

Painting bathroom walls and ceilings is a way to make a striking impact in the bath or powder room area. Our clients enjoy choosing colors that are highly reflective since bathrooms often have natural light coming in through the window or skylight.

Painting ceilings with different colors than the walls or cabinets is a creative way to make a statement.

Popular colors include lights and whites, greys, neutrals, taupes, and light blues, and greens. But as with any painting project, the sky’s the limit when it comes to customizing colors, shades and combinations.

Choosing an accent wall is a fun way to add a splash of color and uniqueness to your powder room. Accent walls work well behind benches and vanities, or across from your bathroom or shower.

Specialty finishes are another way to make a splash in your bathroom or powder room repaint. Texturing, metallics, and other fun options add depth and dimension, and give the whole room a more modern look.

Don’t Compromise on the Essentials

Whatever you decide to do to refresh your interior painting, don’t compromise or cut corners with your bathroom painting projects. Completely remove any old, chipping, or peeling paint or stain before applying the new colors and finishes. Let everything dry completely before applying another coat. And if there are any structural issues, address them immediately before moving forward.

Trico Painting is here to help so your bathroom or powder room painting can get done stress-free. We’re trained in thorough and complete surface preparation, including bathroom drywall repair. Caulking bathroom floor gaps, around windows, and in any seams on the vanity or cabinet, ensures that every surface we paint is properly sealed and protected from moisture damage. Once the caulking and primers are dry, we’ll apply seamless paints, stains, and specialty finishes to help you realize your vision.

Ready for a more beautiful bathroom? Make your bathroom or powder room a more inviting space to relax, retreat, and recharge. Contact Trico Painting for your bathroom painting estimate, so you can start your project today.