Wallpaper Removal to Update Your Guest Room

Wallpaper Removal to Update Your Guest Room

Wallpaper has been a thing of the past for quite some time. Aside from the occasional accent wall, it’s rare to see wallpaper in modern homes. Luckily, it’s also possible to remove wallpaper, patch, and repair the wall behind it for an updated look.

When guests are coming to stay at your home, you’ll want to make a good impression. You can do that with proper wallpaper removal services so your guest bedroom will greet those you have to your home with a modern and welcoming feel.

What to Know About Wallpaper Removal

How to Remove Wallpaper

When removing wallpaper from walls, you must do a thorough job and not leave any pending issues behind, especially if you plan on implementing residential interior painting.

  • First, you’ll want to turn off power in the room so that there aren’t electrical issues.
  • Know your wall and wallpaper material. Also, find out how many layers of wallpaper are on your walls.
  • Have a putty knife, soap, water, and rags on hand. Use the putty knife to loosen a corner and pull (if it’s strippable wallpaper).
  • For traditional wallpaper, you will need a wallpaper stripper spray. Combine hot water with spray and apply to walls.
  • Scrape the wallpaper off with the putty knife.
  • Clean the walls with soap and water. Remove any debris, residual paper, and wallpaper glue.

Why Hire a Wallpaper Removal Service

If you don’t want to risk further issues to your walls or simply don’t have time, hiring wallpaper removal services is key. By hiring professionals, you can avoid:

  • Damage to the Walls: Professionals use the right tools, solutions, and removal practices. Don’t risk hurting the integrity of your walls while pulling and peeling paper and scraping off leftover debris.
  • Incomplete Removal: Painting over leftover wallpaper doesn’t look good and can trap in allergens and other hazards. With wallpaper removal services, you’ll have every piece of the wallpaper removed as well as the binding components to the wall itself.
  • A Big Mess: Especially when you don't know what you're doing, removing wallpaper can make a huge mess and damage furniture and flooring.

Why Hire Interior Painting Services After Wallpaper Removal

Painters who are capable of adequate and safe wallpaper removal are essential to a comprehensive redesign or upgrade. Experienced painters will see issues upon wallpaper removal immediately, understanding where repairs will need to be made. This inevitably saves you time as the homeowner as you won’t need to wait for a new team to come in and take a look at the walls. Having an up-close relationship with your walls during wallpaper removal services also reduces the chances of something being overlooked.

Once you’re ready to start interior painting, painters will help determine the right color palette for your taste and home. They will protect your furniture and make sure the project is complete long before guests arrive. You can rest assured that all wallpaper is removed, drywall is repaired, wood rot is mitigated, and more when working with the professionals on upgrading your guest bedroom.

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