Trico Painting Does Garage Floors

Trico Painting Does Garage Floors
 Trico Painting Does Garage Floors

We love making your garage look as beautiful as the interior of your home.

Starting with your floor and working our way up to the walls and ceilings we can make any garage a showroom you can be proud of.

We use Rust-Oleum Rock Solid Industrial Strength Garage Floor Coating on our projects.

The prep is everything for applying floor coatings and we take every precaution to ensure your outcome is successful.

We start by completely cleaning the floor with the proper surface cleaners and degreaser recommended by Rust-Oleum followed by a concrete etch solution to guarantee the adhesion of the epoxy. We will seal any cracks with the Rust-Oleum patching compound.

After the floor is completely dry and we have suitable weather conditions we will apply the epoxy and the epoxy sealer. A sealer is required when doing a solid coating with flakes broadcast into the first wet coat.

If you're considering a floor coating for your garage, please call the experts at Trico Painting for a Free professional consultation and estimate.