What Colors Increase Home Value?

What Colors Increase Home Value?

How to Increase Home Value with Paint

Pick a Paint Color that Improves Your Home's Value

If you're a homeowner looking to sell your beloved pride and joy, you've probably been told by your realtor to slap on a fresh coat of exterior paint before you even think about listing it.

This is a great tip -- a fresh coat of paint can make or break the sale of a home. But what's important to remember is that paint color has a great impact on home resale value.

Here are 5 home exterior colors that will instantly boost your home value leads and secure a great home sale deal.

5 Exterior Paint Colors to Boost Your Home Value Leads

Home exterior color trends tend to change over time. It's crucial to choose an exterior paint color that not only draws in prospective bidders but also offers the longevity to stand up against ever-changing trends.

Before you seek out the best home painting service, you should do some research on classic, everlasting color combinations that will serve your home (and pocket) well...

1. The Greige Exterior

This is the definition of a power-mix of exterior colors. Nothing is more on-trend and elegant than the greige home exterior -- which is a combination of gray and beige colors.

Typically, homeowners are painting home their home siding in a gray color, and the finishings and trim in beige. But a vice-versa combination can look just as classic.

2. The Sage Green Exterior

Green for the exterior of your home? Well, it's not your typical green color -- sage green is soft, fresh and neutral. It looks brilliant when combined with white or light-gray trim. It's also a versatile color that accents well with black and other darker elements of a home exterior and blends well with existing landscaping.

3. The White Exterior

White may sound boring or overdone, but you can never go wrong with painting your home exterior this color. If you want to mix it up, incorporate color into your exterior finishing. Light-gray, dark-gray, or beige tends to pair well with white.

White offers a perfectly timeless look and feel to your home -- it's also very versatile as it comes in so many shade varieties. When selling a home, white is attractive to buyers because it offers a blank slate for them to work with.

4. The Light-Yellow Exterior

Once again, yellow may not be a color you'd naturally gravitate towards when painting your home's exterior. But it's important to choose the right shade of yellow. In this instance, a light, muted tone of yellow creates a warm, cheerful, and welcoming look and feel to your home.

This color also highlights your landscaping and brings out natural pops of color in your garden. It can also add to your curb appeal which is what you're looking for when trying to sell your home! Stick with white trim for a classic, clean, and put-together look.

(Please keep in mind not all yellows are for exterior use and cost more to apply)

5. A Blue-Gray Exterior

Blue-gray colors have a calming feel about them and can be a great accent to any home. This color is also reminiscent of water, giving your home a coastal, beach cottage feel that could entice home bidders. Blue-gray tones are best paired with white trim for ideal home longevity.

In Need of Professional Home Exterior Paint Services?

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