What to Expect from an Interior House Painting Estimate

What to Expect from an Interior House Painting Estimate

It’s an exciting time when you’re planning interior house painting projects. You’ve thought about colors, textures, and finishes. You’ve thought about which room you’d like to paint first. And of course, you’ve thought about wowing your family and guests with a house that looks like new when the painting projects are complete.

But one part of the process might seem intimidating: calling a painting contractor for an estimate. Will you be on budget? Will you be able to complete the painting projects you want?

At Trico Painting, we want planning home interior painting to be stress-free. So here’s what to expect when you call us for a painting estimate.

What Factors Impact Your Estimate?

When you call or message us to request a house painting estimate, our first step is to learn about your project. If we both decide your project is a good fit for our services, it’s time to plan a site visit. Once we conduct a site visit in your home, we give you an estimate of your painting project cost.

Your estimate is unique to your painting project, but there are a number of factors that impact any painting services estimate, including:

  • Room Size: How large your rooms are, how many rooms are being painted, and how many surfaces in those rooms are being painted all impact project time and influence the outcome of your estimate.
  • Room Layout: Space or room layout becomes a factor to the degree that it adds complexity to the project. Will painters have to work on ladders or paint in an irregular space? If so, you can expect your painting estimate to reflect that.
  • Surface Condition: The condition of surfaces you plan to paint is another factor. Are your paints, stains or finishes very dark? Are there lots of layers of paint, stain or primer to take off? Does the project require removing wallpaper or other wall coverings? Once we know the answers to these questions, we have a better idea of the time and labor required to get painting done efficiently.
  • Materials Cost: Once we know the size and condition of the space we are painting, we can assess the materials we’ll need to complete all required interior painting services, and how much labor will be required to complete your project in a timely fashion so you can get back to enjoying your space.

What Services Does Your Home Interior Painting Estimate Include?

A professional-quality painting project you can be proud of involves more than slapping paint on a wall. There are multiple steps, and lots of careful craftsmanship, behind every beautifully painted room. Here are some of the painting services we include when giving an estimate for home interior painting:

  1. Removing Old Paint: Removing old paint, primers, finishes, and coverings on the surface is essential before applying any new paint. Paint is completely removed before moving on to the next step of the process.
  2. Surface Repair: Once we’ve gotten to the bottom of things by removing the old paint, we can see what condition your surface is in. If you have drywall damage, cabinet imperfections, or uneven spots, we fix those issues to get your surfaces to their strongest before moving forward with your painting project.
  3. Surface Preparation: Then, it’s time to smooth the surface, usually by sanding it or using other surface leveling tools and techniques. The smoother and cleaner the surface is, the better primer and paint will go on and stay on.
  4. Primer and Painting: When the surface is prepped, cleaned, and smoothed, it’s ready to be primed and painted. We’ll recommend and use the ideal primers and paints for your surface type and condition, since matching painting products to surfaces is critical to getting the finish you want.
  5. Staining (if Applicable): If we’re refinishing wood surfaces or replacing rotted wood, you may want stain instead of paint. We can stain wood surfaces to retain their natural beauty while protecting them from wear and tear.
  6. Specialty Finishes or Detail Work: Do you have unique surfaces that require specialty finishes or detail work? If so, we can plan accordingly so an experienced painter treats them with care when it’s time to complete your project.

When Should You Schedule an Estimate?

Once we accept your project, we can schedule a project date for 4-6 weeks from that date. Planning ahead insures your satisfaction, as well as optimal conditions for painting.

Get an Estimate from Trico Painting

We wanted you to know what to expect when calling us for a home interior painting quote because we believe transparency is key to building trust with the homeowners and HOAs we work with.

We are committed to fair and honest estimates that include all the painting services you need for a professional-quality painting job that doesn’t cut corners or compromise when it comes to results. If you have multiple projects in mind but aren’t sure where to start, we can help you talk things through and make a project plan. We’ll make every effort to work around your schedule, so our painters cause the least amount of disruption possible to your routine. Our team will always communicate clearly, act courteously, and treat your property respectfully.

Now is the time to schedule painting projects for your home interior. And we’re ready to answer your questions. Call now for your home interior painting quote. We’re eager to get to work!