What’s the Best Way to Paint the Interior of an HOA?

What’s the Best Way to Paint the Interior of an HOA?

Interior HOA painting can be overwhelming if you have a lot of projects on your list. But getting it done can mean the difference between lots of move-ins and unusable community space.

Not sure where to start with your neighborhood association, apartment complex, or condo development? Here are some tips from the painting and maintenance experts at Trico Painting to give you some inspiration.

How to Paint Your HOA Interior

Make Paint Colors Timeless

It's tempting to get trendy in order to help your complex or neighborhood "get with the times," but we recommend timeless paint colors, finishes, and color combinations that won't go out of style right away. That way, you never run the risk of making a bad first impression, and you don't have to worry about doing a repaint in just a few years.

Here are some ways to paint HOA interiors without dating them:

  • Focus on neutral colors and use lighting, artwork, and furnishings to make the space more inviting.

  • As much as possible, use natural lighting (or natural-looking light fixtures) to make your paint and finishes look their best.

  • See how other leading communities paint and decorate their common areas.

  • Use a color wheel to plan color palettes with complementary or appropriately contrasting colors

  • Plan to remove popcorn ceilings whenever possible; those instantly date a room.

Give HOA Common Areas Some TLC

Even if your common areas are well cared for, paint refreshes can revitalize an area in new and unexpected ways.

A new coat of interior paint can make a room look brighter, cleaner, and more spacious. Not to mention the surface preparation involved in painting HOA interiors helps identify structural issues that could be lurking underneath the paint, including moisture damage, rotting wood, or incomplete caulking and sealing. We recommend considering a refresh of some of your most popular spaces to boost engagement and build community in your neighborhood.

  • Clubhouse: Painting walls and ceilings can bring new life to the neighborhood clubhouse and make it the place to be again. Don't forget bathrooms, trim, and meeting rooms when planning painting projects for this important space.

  • Pool Deck and Pool House: Making sure pool decking and the surrounding structures are standing tall and looking great is key. Painting teams can also work on concrete sealing to keep concrete from cracking and other moisture related damage.

  • Porches, Decking, and Patios: It’s good to think of the outside common areas while planning painting projects. If any of your HOA common areas have outdoor decking adjacent to entryways, keeping those areas safe and those finishes strong is paramount to protect you and your residents. Your painting company can work with you to plan painting and staining services to prevent eyesores and safety issues.

  • Bathrooms and Storage Areas: Bathroom painting restores confidence in the cleanliness of an HOA common area. And just because storage areas aren't often seen or used doesn't mean they're less important. Cabinet painting and refinishing is a great way to ensure you don't miss any details when it comes to beautifying the shared spaces in your neighborhood.

  • Hallways and Entryways: Make the first thing people see when they enter a common area or a multiunit building stand out. You don't want paint damage in hallways and entryways to make your HOA buildings look dirty or worn down.

An HOA painting company can manage multiple projects and help you schedule them in a way that isn't disruptive for your leadership team and your tenants.

Bring in the Pros at Trico Painting

Trico Painting is experienced in painting Roseville area HOA communities, including apartment and condo complexes. We will keep you compliant in every project while realizing your vision for the space. We can help you find more eco-friendly paint options, work with specialty finishes, and give expert advice about paint color selection.

Our painting contractors know the ins and outs of detail painting, large jobs, and painting maintenance, so you can rest assured your neighborhood will stand out as a welcoming place. If you're tired of searching "home painters near me" only to be disappointed with their lack of experience with HOAs, we're ready to get to work. Contact Trico Painting today for your HOA painting estimate.