When is the Best Time to Hire Exterior Painters?

When is the Best Time to Hire Exterior Painters?

You’re planning projects to improve your home or HOA property, and there’s one big project at the top of your list. It’s time to give those exterior walls some fresh paint. But if you’ve ever experienced delays when trying to hire exterior painters before, you know how irritating those setbacks can be. So, how do you set yourself up for success? Consider these tips from the experts.

When You Should Hire Painters

#1 Warm, Dry Seasons

Winter is a tough time to paint, because colder temperatures interfere with the drying process. The same goes for wet weather, since it takes a while for the surface to dry fully after rain, sleet, or snow. So, we recommend planning painting projects during the warm, dry season. Does that mean the warmer the better? Not necessarily. If it’s too warm, paint dries too quickly, and you could see brush marks and other imperfections. Not something you want if you’ve just invested in hiring home or HOA painters.

Choosing springtime or early summer generally works well for most property owners. It’s not too hot, there’s no threat of cold weather, and there aren’t likely to be major temperature fluctuations from day to night time. Since the weather determines your finish, hiring local painters is especially important to project success. A Sacramento-area painter will be well versed in average temperatures, rainfall, and the impact of changing seasons on paint finish.

#2 Ahead of Time

Since most places have enough temperature variation for there to be an “ideal time to paint”, it’s a good idea to plan ahead as much as you’re able when scheduling exterior painting services. The spring and summer months book up the fastest, because everyone wants the best possible paint drying and finish results. You want to know your painter is available to take your call and schedule your project, and you don’t want your home or neighborhood building’s new look to get pushed back. So call as early as you can.

#3 When Planning to Sell or Rent

If you’re selling or renting your property in the coming months, a home exterior painting contractor should be one of your first calls. Painting is certainly an aesthetic boost that makes a good impression, but it’s more than that. Painting home exteriors involves a detailed process that includes:

  • Inspecting for paint and surface damage
  • Deep cleaning the surface through pressure washing, sanding, and more
  • Repairing issues with substrates, fixtures, and woodwork
  • Recommending the most durable primers and paints, including specialized coatings to protect specific surfaces

And all that happens before the paint goes on. That’s why painting is such an essential part of property rental and home sales. It inspires confidence for the buyer or tenant because they know you’ve done due diligence, it looks great, and it enhances the value of the property itself.

#3 When You Notice Paint Damage

Damaged paint is an eyesore., but it’s also a clue that you may have bigger problems, including moisture intrusion or issues with your foundation. If you see cracked, peeling, chipping, or “bubbling” paint, it’s time to call your painting contractor in to assess the problem. They’ll get to the bottom of it, literally. Once they’ve removed the old paint, they can tell if the surface is damaged, if moisture has gotten in, or if there are structural issues. They can also determine if the wrong products were used, or if they were incorrectly applied.

Damaged paint can also be a sign of normal wear and tear. While that doesn’t necessarily mean you have urgent structural problems, any imperfections in the finish mean it’s not properly sealed, and you’re giving moisture, humidity, and outside pests a chance to wreak havoc.

#4 If You See Rotting Wood

Wood rot on fences, decking, exterior walls, doors, or fixtures could become a safety issue if it’s in a high-traffic area, or if it is in a key area of structural support. Exterior painting services often include wood rot repair, because it’s critical that you’re painting on the strongest and most durable possible surface.

#5 When You Want to Get the Details Right

Sometimes you can just tell it’s time for a change. Maybe your railings or stairways are looking drab and worn. Maybe the doors and windows have taken a beating after years of regular use. Or maybe those gutters are past their prime. Whatever the case, exterior painting services are all about getting the details right so your home or HOA exteriors look great from top to bottom.

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