When to Choose Classic Colors for Your Home's Interior

When to Choose Classic Colors for Your Home's Interior

It can be fun to experiment with bold paint colors, but sometimes it pays to stick with the classics. If you're planning home interior painting, here are some suggestions from the pros at Trico Painting on the best ways to give your home a timeless look, and the ideal interior areas for bringing that vision to life.

What to Know About Classic Paint Colors

Know Your Classic Paint Colors

Timeless paint colors fall into broad categories that still allow for self-expression and creativity. Here are some of the paint colors we use most often for homeowners and HOA property managers who want beautiful rooms that won't look dated in a few short years:

  • Neutrals: Neutrals add depth to a room without distracting the eye. Some of the most popular classic neutral paint colors include taupes and french grays.

  • Darks: Tricorn blacks, naval blues, and deep reds can add character and uniqueness to a room, hallway, stairwell, or accent wall, without being subject to the ebbs and flows of fads and trends.

  • Whites and Off-Whites: These highly reflective colors, like Alabaster, Dover White, and Extra White, lighten up and open up any interior space.

  • Light Blues and Greens: Light blues and greens give a cozy and rustic feel while still keeping your furniture and decor as the star. Think Cascade Green or Oyster Bay for inspiration.

You can work within these color families, and your interior house painter can make recommendations, too. Working with complementary, contrasting colors adds even more depth and dimension, without clashing or sticking out like a sore thumb.

Start with Multipurpose and Bonus Rooms

When painting with classic colors, bonus rooms and multipurpose rooms are a good place to start. You may be more adventurous when painting bedrooms, guest rooms, or entertainment areas, and there will always be opportunities to spice up your paint and decor. Using more neutral colors in multipurpose rooms keeps them versatile and prevents you from having to repaint too soon when changing the use of the space.

Paint or Stain Interior Doors

Door painting and staining is a wonderful opportunity to go the classic route with paint color and stain selection. Natural wood finishing is a popular choice because the enduring appeal and unique look of natural wood will never go out of style. Stains can be applied in more than one coat for a darker, less translucent finish, and even new doors can be "antiqued" by strategically wiping and brushing stain until you get the exact look you want. Painting interior doors with professional-grade paints and stains also make them less vulnerable to the wear and tear that's so common with frequent use.

Try Cabinet Painting and Refinishing

Cabinet painting is a great way to beautify a room without costly construction and complete overhauls. Painting kitchen and bathroom cabinets with classic colors means they'll complement both modern and older appliances, and will go with antique or contemporary fixtures. Painting and refinishing cabinets makes them more aesthetically appealing, allowing the entire room or interior area look newer and more up to date, even if other changes you've made have been slight.

Prep for Remodels, Refreshes, or Home Sales

No one wants to put home or HOA interior painting on hold to wait on decor or branding decisions. Opting for classic paint colors means you can get the job done efficiently, without having to worry about whether the new paint will clash with new decor, furnishings, or accents. If you're refreshing a room or remodeling home interiors, you want colors that allow for endless possibilities, rather than being pigeonholed into making design choices that match or complement a narrower variety of trendy paint colors. Prepping for home sales almost always includes freshening up interior paint, and using classic paint colors will be more appealing to more potential buyers.

Get Professional Painting You Can Trust

Interior painting services are as diverse as individual homes and HOA communities. Even with classic colors, Trico Painting has the expertise, the finishes, and the craftsmanship to make your home, apartment complex, or condo development stand out for all the right reasons.

Get longer-lasting interior paint and finishes from Roseville's premier residential and multiunit painting company. Call Trico Painting for your interior painting estimate today, and start dreaming big for your favorite rooms.