When to Schedule a Spring Exterior Painter

When to Schedule a Spring Exterior Painter

If home painting or HOA painting are on your to-do list this year, advance planning is your friend. We recommend contacting an exterior house painter 6-8 weeks ahead of your painting project start date. That means if you plan to paint your home or HOA property in spring, you should be reaching out to a painting contractor sometime shortly after the first of the year, depending on how early in the spring you’d like your house painted.

This advance planning allows painting teams to schedule all the prep and painting projects necessary to get your home looking its best and gives you plenty of time to prepare, making sure you realize your vision for your home painting project. Here are some more painting project tips from the experts at Trico Painting.

When to Paint a Home in the Spring

Know the Best Seasons for Painting

Spring is one of the best times of year to schedule house painting for a number of reasons:

  • Mild Temperatures: Temperature fluctuations, wet weather, or extreme hot and cold can sometimes cause problems with your paint finish. Don’t take any chances: scheduling your house painting or HOA painting for spring will get you great results.

  • Time to Enjoy It: Painting homes ahead of the busy season of summer means you can fully enjoy it when it’s time to entertain guests instead of wondering if your paint finishes look their best for your visitors.

  • Clear Views and Paths: When foliage and trees aren’t in full bloom, it’s easier for painters to access all areas of your home exterior, and it’s easier for you and your guests to see the full impact of a beautiful new paint job.

Keep Busy Seasons in Mind

Because winter and summer bring harsh, temperamental temperatures in many areas, painters’ busy seasons often occur in spring and autumn. While some areas with more consistent climates may allow painters more time to schedule projects, it’s important to check in with your painting contractor as soon as you need painting done to be sure you can get it checked off your list in your ideal time frame.

Plan Ahead for Your Project

The time between scheduling your exterior painting project and getting paint on the walls can be an exciting, productive time for you, your HOA, and your painting team. You’ll be working together to plan ahead, so your project gets the best possible results.

Exterior house painting involves multiple projects to make sure that your exterior surfaces are in the best possible condition to receive paint, so your home looks great and stands tall for years to come. In the time leading up to your project start date, your painting team is getting ready to improve your home with a number of services, some of which may include:

This is also an ideal time to think about paint colors and finishes.

  • Do you want to keep the exterior paint colors you have but strengthen the finishes?

  • Do you want to go bold and try a new color for your home exterior?

  • Or is it time to freshen things up with a more modern, less dated look?

As you wait for your painting project to start, you can make sure you’re going to get the results you want by planning carefully and dreaming big for your home.

An important note: when you’re taking project dates with your painting contractor, get out the calendar. You’ll want to be sure you or someone you trust can be in the home during the duration of the project to ask questions and ensure things are going smoothly.

Don’t Stress - Ask a Painting Contractor

House painting is no small task, and you may have lots of questions as you’re planning painting projects around your property. Talking through your questions and concerns with your painting contractor will help you feel more prepared and will give them a sense of what your priorities are.

At Trico Painting, we are passionate about great results and superior service for every interior and exterior painting project we complete. Whether you’re selling your home, improving damaged or aging surfaces, or turning your house into a dream home, we are ready to answer your painting project questions. We offer honest, transparent quotes that include all the services you’ll need, and we promise to treat your property with utmost care and respect.

Have questions about home exterior painting? We’re ready to help. Contact Trico Painting to talk through your project and request a home exterior painting estimate today. We’re eager to get to work!