Why Refinish Your Deck This Fall?

Why Refinish Your Deck This Fall?

Fall is a favorite season for many. It's also a great time—perhaps the best time of year—for deck refinishing. Here's what we've learned from our many beautiful deck staining and painting projects.

Reasons to Consider Deck Refinishing in the Fall

Remember: Mild Temperatures Are Your Friend

The mild temperatures of autumn air are the main reason we and other exterior painting contractors recommend deck staining in the fall. Most deck stains have temperature ranges in which they perform best. Most professional-grade deck stains aren't supposed to be applied in temperatures below 50 or above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. And the often lower humidity of fall weather means the air will stay dry enough for better adhesion.

Plan When Outdoor Entertaining Slows Down

Along with temperatures often being outside of the ideal range, summer brings lots of outdoor activity and entertaining. That makes planning and logistics for deck staining more difficult. Since deck staining or painting requires at least a 2-3 day window of dry weather, fall days offer you longer stretches of time to clean, let dry, and apply stains and finishes to your decking.

Protect Your Decking from Damp Air and Wet Weather

In many areas, late fall and winter bring a chill to the air, dampness, and wetter weather than the rest of the year. It's best not to go into that season with an unprotected wooden porch, patio, or decking. Both paint and stain provide an effective moisture barrier that prevents discoloration, wood rot, and peeling finishes. Applying a barrier is a good best practice for both homeowners and HOA painting projects, since making your deck safer is always the best way to protect everyone on your property and prevent the hazards and eyesores that make you non-compliant with HOA standards and codes.

Don't Cut Corners or Skip Steps

If it's been more than 2-3 years since the last time you've had deck refinishing done for your home or HOA property, schedule it now to have it done by this fall. Cutting corners will only lead to premature do-overs, finishes that don't properly/evenly adhere, and a greater likelihood of missed or ignored surface damage. Don't work with a team who doesn't insist on:

  • Surface Preparation: Whether it's pressure washing services, removing old finishes, paint stripping, or some combination of all three, you can't have damaged, dirty, or deteriorating layers between your wooden decking and your new paint or stain. Getting the surface smooth and clean is an essential first phase if you want results that are built to last.

  • Surface Repair: If the wood itself smells, cracks, or crumbles at the touch, wood rot repair and replacement is essential before moving forward with your project. New boards should match the existing wood type, and sanding or leveling will have to be done to get the surface smooth and uniform.

  • Product Application: Once surfaces are smooth, it's time to prime and apply the product you want for your decking. Want more opaque coverage? Deck painting might be a good solution. Looking for something to bring out the best in the woodwork? Deck staining can match the existing wood type, with coats added based on the depth of color you want.

Make Sure All Outdoor Woodworking Is Covered

For best results, you want all your exterior woodworking to have the same beauty, strength, and resilience going into late fall and winter. Don’t forget to account for the following surfaces when planning deck staining, painting, or refinishing:

  • Stairs

  • Balconies

  • Railings

  • Gazebos

  • Pergolas

  • Benches

  • Gates

  • Doors

  • Fences

  • Wooden swings

Book Your Fall Decking Projects in Advance

Since autumn is the peak season for exterior natural wood finishing, we suggest booking your fall decking project in advance as soon as it gets added to your to-do list. You may want to plan several weeks ahead to allow local house painters to learn about your project, assess what's needed for your decking, and get the project done.

Trico Painting is ready to take on your decking project this fall. With long-lasting and beautiful results, we're the trusted team for Roseville, CA house painting and HOA painting projects. Enjoy peaceful days and evenings in the mild fall weather on a deck that's stronger and more beautiful than ever. Contact Trico Painting for your deck refinishing estimate today.