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Please include the color number / color name and the manufacturer with your request.

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This Form Is Not Part Of Any Contract - Do Not Include Colors For Items That Are Not Listed In Your Proposal - Please Review Your Estimate Before You Fill Out This Form If you include colors in areas that are not listed in your proposal and we order paint you will be charged extra for the labor and materials.

Color Form
Wet Sample Custom Color Match

Do you have a wet sample (quart sample) that you have purchased. Does the sample need to be matched as part of your project? If yes, please contact our office so we can make arrangement to have sample picked up 2 weeks prior to your project start date.

White colors will be an additional charge (Cabinets are excluded).

I understand that choosing pure white, bright white, ultra white or extra white will be an additional charge as stated in my contract. Also ANY WHITE color that is chosen for the BODY or PURE WHITE for trim on (Exterior or Interior)of the house will be subject to an additional charge for the additional material and labor required to cover the existing color.

Please confirm that you have checked all of the information requested before proceeding. We will not receive the color form unless all of the information that we are requesting is checked and filled out.

Cabinet Colors: Manufacturer Color Name, Color Number

Sheen for cabinets
Stair Railing

Exterior Colors -- Manufacturer Color Name, Color Number

Selecting Any White For The Body Color Will Be An Additional Charge / Please Call Our Office For Details

Interior Colors -- Manufacturer Color Name, Color Number

Type of Finish On Interior Walls Only (Low-Gloss, Eggshell, Flat)
Type of Finish On Ceilings in Non Moisture Areas Only (Low-Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Flat)

Final Review

Color name, number & manufacturer of color

Please include the color name, the color number and the manufacturer of the color (Example - Kelly Moore Swiss Coffee #23). If you have a wet sample (quart) that you are have purchased and your choice is based on this sample, we will need this sample for matching purposes. This will help eliminate ordering the wrong color for your project. Trico Painting does not accept liability for color choices or errors on your color submission form. Please check your information for accuracy. Your project may be delayed or postponed if we are unable to verify your color information.

Instructions / Material Deliveries / Use of Garage For Cabinet Projects

Please confirm that you have received the instructions that we have emailed to you on how to prepare for our arrival. The email also contains information about what to expect, our arrival time and additional information to help your project run smoothly and on time. Please call as soon as possible if you have not received this email at 916-550-9648. Note: Cabinet Projects Require The Use Of Your Garage. We Will Need A Minimum Of One Car / Space. We Would Appreciate Two If Possible. The material for your project may arrive as early as the Friday before we start. Deliveries start as early as 7:30 am. Our suppliers will put the supplies in a safe place and out of the way. If you are available they will store them in a place that is convenient for you.


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