When you need to refresh and update your home or HOA property exteriors, professional pressure washing gets you better results. Trico Painting is here to help! We offer pressure washing as part of our thorough exterior painting services for homeowners and HOAs.

When Should You Pressure Wash Exteriors?

Pressure washing is a versatile service that comes in handy in a lot of cases. We recommend scheduling pressure washing when:

  • Wood Looks Dull and Dirty: Pressure washing helps to restore the depth of color and character to your wood finishes. Pressure washing improves decks, wood siding, gazebos, doors, stairs, and railings.
  • Roofing Accumulates Debris: Building and home roofing gets coated with debris, thanks to the elements and the changing seasons. Pressure washing can keep roofing from being damaged, and restore the aesthetics of shingles.
  • Stonework Needs Cleaning: Stonework and masonry is often home to algae and other natural growths. Removing these with pressure washing is effective, and makes stonework and bricks look like new.
  • Your’re Ready to Repaint: Pressure washing is a must as part of surface preparation for exterior painting. Remove dirt and debris, mold and mildew, and other particulates that have accumulated on the surface. Pressure washing also removes old, damaged paint. Your surface ends up smoother, and more ready to receive fresh paint.

Whatever exterior painting and improvements your property needs, pressure washing makes the job more thorough, and the project more successful.

Why Hire Professional Painters for Pressure Washing Surfaces?

Pressure washing uses highly pressurized water, combined with a cleaning solution, to clean walls, decking, roofing, and more exterior surfaces. But it’s often touted as a DIY project. So why hire our professional painters for pressure washing?

  • Equipment: Trico Painting is extensively experienced with pressure washing tools and equipment. We know which settings and tools to use to clean exterior surfaces. Our cleaning solutions are versatile and effective, and we know how to match them with your surfaces.
  • Temperature: There are misconceptions about how temperature impacts pressure washing. We never use water too hot. We know it poses risks to your surfaces, so we remain vigilant about temperature control.
  • Project Management: Hiring Trico Painting means you don’t have to juggle multiple teams for multiple phases of your painting project. There’s no need to hire one company for pressure washing and another for painting. We’ll help you plan and execute your tasks in a timely fashion, on budget, so you will be proud of the results.
  • Protection and Safety: Our on-the-job- safety means we make every effort to protect landscaping and other surfaces not being pressure washed. We know how to use pressure washers and solutions in the safest way possible, and we always wear protective gear appropriate for such a specialized job.

Trico Painting loves the look of restored wood and masonry, or a fresh surface ready for paint. Whatever your goals for your HOA property or home exterior, pressure washing is an important step in the right direction.

Have big plans for your painting project? The painting pros at Trico will help you get it done. Contact us for your exterior painting estimate today!