If your home, building, or HOA property is painted with stucco, you might run into problems with your paint job. And if you want to stucco paint for the first time, you want things done right.

Whatever you’re planning, Trico Painting is here to help! We offer stucco painting and stucco repair services for homeowners and property managers as part of our lineup of exterior painting services.

Benefits of Stucco Painting

Stucco painting has lots of benefits when done properly. Here are some things we like most about stucco:

  • Longevity: Stucco lasts and lasts when applied correctly. It’s a great option when painting a home or property where you are “here to stay.”
  • Energy Efficiency: Staying cool in the summer and warm in the winter is something we all hope for, and stucco painting can deliver the energy efficiency you need to stay comfortable in your space -- not to mention you save on heating and cooling costs in the long run.
  • Noise Reduction: Stucco paint makes rooms less vulnerable to noise pollution, which is great if you like your peace and quiet but are located near a busy or crowded area.
  • Fire Retardancy: Stucco painting makes rooms more fire retardant, which is always a plus. Repainting with stucco is a great way to put safety first.

And of course, the look of stucco is what keeps it in high demand. It brightens and opens up any space, helping your property stand out. Stucco has a beautiful finish, no matter where you decide to use it.

Common Problems for Stucco Homes and Buildings

Like any exterior painting project, stucco painting has its challenges. If you live in a stucco-painted home, or manage a property painted with stucco, you may run into problems like:

  • Staining: If there’s staining or discoloration on stucco walls, something went wrong with the initial application and it’s time to plan for stucco repair.
  • Cracking: Cracks can appear in stucco, which detract from its finish, its fire resistance, and its energy efficiency.

Staining or cracking could both happen due to improper painting or mismatching the type of stucco with the exterior surface you plan to paint. They could also be signs of larger issues, including:

  • Moisture Damage: If there are cracks anywhere in your home or building, moisture can get in and further damage walls, compromising structural integrity and putting you at risk of costly overhauls.
  • Mold: There are safety risks, too. Because where there’s moisture damage left unaddressed or unseen, mold builds. That’s going to degrade your walls, and could have detrimental effects on the health of family members, guests, or tenants.

Why Hire Professional Painters for Stucco Painting and Repair?

Hiring professional painters for stucco repair and painting is the right call because they have the availability and the people power to tackle stucco paint problems as soon as you notice them, before they spread and worsen.

Trico Painting teams are experienced painting stucco, and can readily and accurately assess paint damage. We can help you figure out what went wrong, and we can make it right, leaving only the beautiful, long-lasting stucco finish you wanted. We can also recommend other painting services that help your property stand out, and ensure structural beauty and safety for many years to come.

Have big plans for your painting project? The painting pros at Trico will help you get it done. Contact us for your exterior painting estimate today!