Sometimes a painting project needs unique treatment, whether it is a decorative finish to achieve just the right look, or a protective sealer to withstand specific conditions. Whatever your painting project may need, Trico Painting has the product knowledge and application skills to make it look right and last a long time.

Application is a crucial skill to have when dealing with specialty finishes. It’s not just as simple as slapping on a coat of paint; the right techniques must be used, or the consequences will be unpleasant. Metallic finishes will show lap marks, concrete will be unevenly sealed, and garage floor coatings will fail and peel.

That’s why Trico is the painting contractor you can trust with specialty coatings; we are recognized industry experts in specialty coatings, and we have the unique equipment and skills needed to apply them correctly.

Specialty Paint Finishes

Metallic Paint Finishes: One of the most luxurious and eye-catching ways to enhance your living space is with metallic paint finishes. These spectacular paints can be applied to walls, doors, rails and more, creating a showy finish that is sure to create an impression.

Concrete Sealers: Though concrete is phenomenally durable, it can be prone to water intrusion, cracking, discoloration and other factors that will detract from its appearance. That’s why Trico Painting offers a full array of concrete sealing solutions that will protect your concrete and keep it looking fantastic!

Garage Floor Coatings: Nothing says “plain” like the bare concrete floor of a garage or workshop. That’s why EPOXYSHIELD® coatings are gaining popularity among homeowners. These garage floor coatings create a durable, stain resistant, attractive layer over your concrete that will keep your garage or workshop feeling safe, tidy and appealing for years to come.

Deck Stains: Here in the Sacramento area, dry air and bright sun conspire to wear out your exterior wood. The best ways to keep your decks and fences in good shape is by applying high-quality stains or sealers before a problem develops. Trico Painting applies specialized deck and fence stains that will keep your exterior wood looking healthy, beautiful and natural.

If you have need of specialty coatings for your home, whether it’s the walls, the workshop or the woodwork, call Trico Painting. We provide you with all the information you need to make good plans and decisions, and then we turn them into reality!