If you’ve been looking for a simple, striking way to update your rooms after moving in or during a repaint, we’re here to help! Trico Painting offers wall texturing as one of our many custom interior painting services.

You don’t need a rough wall for your interior walls to have a textured finish. Wall texturing can be done by blending a paint and a texturing additive to get the desired consistency and finish. You can also create a textured appearance by using special brushes, rollers, or painting techniques.

Wall texturing can enhance the look of any room. We’ve helped homeowners and HOAs add character to lots of spaces using wall texturing, including:

  • Living rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Playrooms
  • Multipurpose areas/Common rooms
  • Bonus/Entertainment rooms

Aesthetic Benefits of Wall Texturing

Textured paint finishes have many benefits if you are planning to repaint, redesign, or update the rooms in your home, condo, or apartment as part of your residential painting project.

  • Introducing an Accent Wall: Wall texturing individual walls means that wall now stands out as an accent wall. It can make that wall the focal point of the room by drawing the eye there, and can give a more modern, contemporary look to your space.
  • Dividing a Larger Room: If your home, condo, or loft has an open floor plan, texturing walls can give the appearance of dividing a room into unique areas for seating, entertainment, reading, and more.
  • Adding Depth and Dimension: If you have a smaller room, texturing a wall with a complementary or contrasting color can add depth and dimension to a room to make it look more spacious.

Why Hire a Professional Painter for Wall Texturing?

Hiring Trico Painting for wall texturing means you don’t have to deal with the mess and stress of a DIY home painting project. Professional house painters begin with all necessary surface preparation, so your paint adheres properly and completely to your walls.

Our teams know how to mix paints and primers to achieve the exact color and texture you want. We have the necessary tools to add texturing to interior walls. And we know the techniques to get the job done without drips, bubbles, or an uneven finish. No need to repaint before you’re ready, or to spend more time and money than you planned on repainting.

Wall texturing is a great way to experiment with a new look, update your interior design to coordinate with your favorite pieces of decor or furniture, and make a great impression on guests, tenants, and visitors.

We can help you plan every step of your wall texturing as part of our comprehensive interior painting services. We start with a thorough, honest estimate based on your needs, and the scope of your project. From there, we can recommend colors, textures, and finishes that get the results you want, and last for years to come.

Have big plans for your painting project? The painting pros at Trico will help you get it done. Contact us for your interior painting estimate today!