Wooden benches add charm and sophistication to outdoor relaxation areas around your home or HOA property. If you're getting exterior wood services done by your painting contractor, don't neglect your benches.

Painting or staining wooden benches gives you and your guests somewhere relaxing, comfortable, and safe to sit and enjoy the outdoors. Trico Painting offers wooden bench painting and staining as part of our exterior painting services for homeowners and HOAs so your entire property exterior looks warm, welcoming, and inviting.

Like other commonly used wood surfaces, wooden benches are subject to increased wear and tear from frequent use. Because they are often left in uncovered areas near sidewalks, patios, gardens, or neighborhood playgrounds, their paint and stains are at increased risk of damage and deterioration.

Do Your Wooden Benches Have Stain or Paint Damage?

Some of the most common warning signs of stain or paint damage on wooden benches include:

  • Signs of Wood Rot: Do your wooden benches have a musty smell? Do you notice red or brown dust-like spores, or cushiony white growths underneath them? If so, they need immediate attention, because wood rot has set in, and has begun to spread. Wood rot most commonly happens when moisture damage and water intrusion, combined with temperature fluctuations, is left unseen and unchecked. Professional wood rot repair and replacement is the most efficient, safest way to remediate and repair damaged wooden benches and get their paint or stain back to looking like new.
  • Discoloration: Are some of the boards in your wooden benches discolored compared to the rest? That's a sign your paint or stain has deteriorated and is not fully protecting the wood surface.
  • Chipping, Bubbling, or Peeling: When paint chips, bubbles or peels on a wood surface, the rest of the structure is made vulnerable. If this paint damage is happening sooner than you expected, paints and primers may have been improperly applied to begin with.

Even if your paint or stain is not damaged or deteriorating, sometimes your wooden surfaces just need a refresh. When it comes to wooden benches, there are two great options that each get beautiful results.

Painting Wooden Benches

Painting wooden benches is a great choice for your outdoor areas if:

  • You Want Bold Colors: Paint offers nearly unlimited color choices that go beyond natural wood finishes. You can go bold for a contrast, or color-coordinate with your garden, playground, or patio furnishings.
  • You Want Complete Coverage: Paint is more opaque than stain, and completely covers the wood boards in your benches. This is a good option if your benches are older and have some minor imperfections.
  • You Want Long-Lasting Results: While all exterior surfaces like wooden benches experience wear and tear eventually, paint offers longer-term protection than stains when applied properly to prepped surfaces.

Staining Wooden Benches

Staining wooden benches is a solid choice if you're looking to:

  • Preserve Wood Finishes: Wood refinishing restores natural beauty to your wooden benches. Staining is an essential part of that process. You can choose stains that match your wood finish and bring out its natural beauty without covering up the unique grain of the wood.
  • Create a Timeless Look: Stains have a timeless beauty about them that won't date your exterior like some trendy paint colors might. They'll look great with any decor or aesthetic, and are particularly well suited to antique or faux-antique wood.

If you can’t remember the last time your wooden benches were painted or stained, it’s a good idea to add them to your exterior painting project list before problems arise.

What to Expect from Your Bench Painting Project

If you’re ready to upgrade and improve your wooden benches as part of your exterior painting service, Trico Painting is ready to work!

We provide expert wood rot replacement, repair, staining, and wooden bench painting to strengthen and beautify your outdoor spaces We’re experienced working with a variety of finishes for homeowners and HOAs.

We can include bench painting services when improving a wide range of exterior areas including patios, balconies, pool decks, gazebos, and pergolas.

Our thorough exterior painting quote will include any surface preparation and repair, staining, or painting services your benches need to stand strong and look their best.

Get stunning results from exterior wood surfaces. Contact Trico Painting for your exterior painting estimate today.