A pergola is a stylish addition to any home or HOA property. With a wide range of styles, your pergola can give your patio or deck an open, airy appeal. They’re your own little private cabana you can enjoy anytime.

Like any exterior surface, pergolas need regular maintenance, painting or staining, and upkeep.

If you just bought your property, or are newly managing your complex, you might be wondering, how often do pergolas need painting or staining? It varies, of course. Paint is super durable and can last for a decade or more if applied correctly. But be careful. Problems can hide beneath that paint.

Staining pergolas makes them look naturally beautiful, but they don’t provide as opaque a barrier as paint. They last for a few years before your wood pergola becomes vulnerable to damage again.

You don’t want structural damage to be hiding around the corner; it could hurt your property value, not to mention pose a safety risk to visitors if wood beams are compromised. If it’s been longer than a few years since staining your pergola, or if you can’t remember the last time your pergola had painting or maintenance, it may be time to repaint or stain.

What to Think About Before Painting Your Pergola

Painting pergolas gives unique character to your patio, deck or other outdoor space. But don’t jump into a DIY pergola painting project without taking the time to think a few things through:

  • Do You Have Enough TIme? Painting projects on exterior wood surfaces like gazebos take time. Time to prep surfaces. Time to prime, then dry, then paint or stain, then dry again. DIY means lots of time has to be set aside to get it right.
  • Should you Paint or Stain?: Deciding between paint and stain is more than a matter of personal taste. If your pergola’s original finish is still vibrant, a wood stain might be a great choice for showcasing that. But if you’ve noticed your wood beams aren’t looking as great as they used to, or if the pergola doesn’t have a grain you especially like, you may be more comfortable with painting
  • Are You Open to Further Projects? If you’re considering any DIY projects to improve, paint, or repaint a pergola, you might discover other projects that need to get done along the way. You might need to do other painting and repair for your whole project to come together.
  • Do You Have the Right Tools? Painting pergolas with the wrong tools leads to results you’ll have to re-paint, re-stain, or correct. Be sure you know the finish you want, and what tools you need to achieve that finish.
  • Have You Waited Too Long? One of the biggest pitfalls of pergola painting is waiting too long to cross it off your list. If your paint is already damaged, or the wood deteriorated, there are more projects in store than you planned. Old paint or stain will need to be removed from the whole surface area, those surfaces will need to be inspected and their damage addressed, before the project can even start.

Painting anything yourself is hard, but wood surfaces and unique structures like pergolas make it more challenging. Hiring professional painters for exterior wood services makes checking HOA improvement projects or prepping for a home refresh off your to-do list so you can focus on your priorities.

Call a Contractor if Your Pergola Has Paint Damage

Pergola paint damage might be easy to spot, but sometimes the problems can be hiding underneath paint or stains. It’s time to call a painting contractor if you find any of these common painting issues:

  • Rotting Wood: Moisture damage, which may or may not be noticeable on the pergola surface, can cause wood to decay and rot. You may see growths or spore dust, or there may just be a musty smell in the air. The key to dealing with wood rot is acting quickly to stop it from spreading and prevent it from causing further structural damage. Wood rot repair and replacement on pergolas needs to be done by professionals so that it can be remediated without spreading.
  • Chipping or Peeling: If paint or stain is chipping or peeling, that paint damage means your wood is vulnerable. Not to mention, it can be an eyesore to visitors and tenants that keeps them from fully enjoying your outdoor space.
  • Discoloration: If you’ve noticed your stain or paint has discolored, it will need to be removed completely before new paint, primer, or stain can be applied.
  • Cracked or Warped Wood: If the wooden beams of your pergola are warping or cracked, it needs to be addressed right away to keep your pergola standing strong.

What to Expect from Your Pergola Painting Project

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Our thorough exterior painting quote will include any surface preparation and repair, staining, or painting services your pergola needs to stand tall and look its best.

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