Wooden railings add stability and beauty to your patio, deck, or pool area. Trico Painting offers wood railing painting as part of our exterior painting services for homeowners and HOA properties.

If your railings are starting to lose their lustre, we can help with a beautiful, professional-grade paint or stain that will last for years to come.

Wooden Railing Problems to Look For

Wooden railings take a lot over years of use. We come across some common issues that need repair when working with property owners and managers:

  • Nicks and Scratches: As people, pets, and furniture bump up against wood railings, they get scratched and nicked. These aesthetic issues are irritating. But any damage to your existing paint or stain makes the surface underneath more vulnerable.
  • Loose Rails or Posts: When posts or rails get loose on your outdoor wood railings, it could be a sign of structural shifting. That shifting could lead to damage. And rails going loose could also mean safety issues. You don’t want anyone falling on your property, so it’s best to get your railing fixed right away.
  • Cracks: Cracks in your railing will grow if they aren’t addressed. It’s best to get them fixed as soon as you notice them.
  • Rotting Wood: Wood rot happens in phases. Of course, by the time you see mushroom-like or pillowy growths, your wood railing has already spread significantly. Before it gets to that point, look for spore dust, or try to notice if it smells musty. These early signs are telling you your railings are starting to decay, and you’re in need of wood rot repair and replacement.

Many issues can be observed on the surface, but there could be wood rail damage lurking sight unseen. True, wood stains don’t completely hide damage. But if you’ve chosen paint to cover surface imperfections in an aging wood railing, it may inadvertently be covering up new railing damage too.

Wood Railing Repair and Painting: Benefits of Working with a Pro

Rail painting might seem like something you can take on with a DIY project. But working with professional wood repair and painting contractors helps you avoid some of the common pitfalls of DIY rail repair:

  • Finding Hidden Damage: Professionals can find early signs of railing damage so nothing goes unnoticed or gets covered up by paint.
  • Surface Repair Expertise: You don’t need to wonder how to repair surface damage, or if replacement is necessary. Professional teams can help you accurately assess the damage and determine next steps.
  • Preparing for Stain: Once surface railing repairs are done, primers need to be applied. The pros know how to properly level all surface imperfections and idiosyncrasies so primer will go on smooth. Professional wood repair and painting contractors can also help ensure not too much primer or stain is applied so that drying is complete.

If you’re upgrading your railing, but are unsure whether paint or stain is best for the new look you want. Professional painting and repair keeps you safe, minimizes stress, and prevents you from having to do unplanned repairs sooner than you expected, which often happens with DIY projects.

What to Expect from Your Railing Painting Project

If you’re ready to upgrade and improve your wooden railings as part of your exterior painting service, Trico Painting is ready to work!

We provide expert wood rot replacement, repair, staining, and wooden railing painting to strengthen and beautify your outdoor staircases. We’re experienced working with a variety of finishes for homeowners and HOAs.

Our thorough exterior painting quote will include any surface preparation and repair, staining, or painting services your railing needs to stand strong and look its best.

Get stunning results from all your exterior wood surfaces. Contact Trico Painting for your exterior painting estimate today.