Whether you’re installing a new shed, repainting an old shed, or repurposing your garden building into a private backyard retreat, painting is the key to transforming your shed.

Trico Painting offers shed painting as part of our thorough exterior painting services for homeowners and HOA properties. We use professional-grade primers, paints, and stains to make sheds, garden buildings, and other backyard structures on your property look like new, adding value to your lot.

Hiring painters for shed painting is a good investment of time and money. You avoid costly mistakes, you can focus on enjoying your property, and you don’t have to worry about getting the job done right the first time.

Does Your Shed Have Stain or Paint Damage?

Paint damage on wooden sheds means wood surfaces are left more vulnerable to damage. Even if you’re not planning a full shed remodel or repaint, repairing paint damage is key to keeping your backyard shed structurally sound. Be on the lookout for the following paint damage:

  • Popping, peeling, bubbling paint is a sign paint was improperly applied. It may have been put on too thin, too thick, or before the surface was completely dry.
  • If you see discoloration after it rains, there was not enough paint or primer applied to your shed.
  • If you’re seeing cracking or deteriorating boards, you could have moisture damage. Leaving that moisture damage unaddressed could lead to even bigger problems like mold growth and rotted wood.

Wood rot repair and replacement is necessary before repainting or refinishing your wooden shed if you’ve noticed these signs of wood rot. Wood rot will spread, so it’s important to address it as soon as possible.

Common DIY Shed Painting Mistakes

It might be tempting to paint or stain wooden sheds on your property yourself. But DIY shed painting is complex, which affords many opportunities for mistakes and setups. Here are some of the DIY shed painting mistakes we see most often:

  • Painting in the Wrong Weather: Mild, dry weather is ideal for painting outdoors. Too-cold or too-hot weather impacts how well and completely paint dries, which will affect your finish negatively. Windy weather also impacts drying and can make finishes less smooth.
  • Painting a Wet Surface: It’s hard to keep shed walls dry. They’re outside, after all. But moisture, humidity, and leaks can cause paint to bubble. Painting when the surface isn’t completely dry means you’ll just have to repaint it later.
  • Leaving Landscaping and Other Structures Uncovered: If you fail to fully protect the landscaping around your shed, as well as structures and surfaces you don’t plan to paint, drips and streaks can make a mess and cause a lot of stress. Use drop cloths and tarps wherever necessary to avoid additional, unplanned projects.
  • Failing to Prep the Surface: Before painting your shed, all old paint must be completely removed, and the surface thoroughly even and smooth. If wood is unpainted or unfinished wood, it will also need to be sanded and smoothed before primer and paint are applied.

Perhaps the biggest challenge to DIYers is that, even when following the necessary steps, a lack of access to professional-grade wood painting products and tools can still sabotage their project . Low-quality brushes, paints, preservatives, primers, and stains mean less durability, and more frequent shed repaints than necessary.

On the other hand, hiring professional painters for shed painting means you get beautiful results that last for years to come.

What to Expect from Your Shed Painting Project

If you’re ready to upgrade and improve your wooden sheds as part of your exterior painting service, Trico Painting is ready to work!

We provide expert wood rot replacement, repair, staining, and wooden shed painting to strengthen and beautify your outdoor areas. We’re experienced working with a variety of finishes, and with completing painting projects of all sizes for homeowners and HOAs.

Our thorough exterior painting quote will include any surface preparation and repair, staining, or painting services your wooden shed needs to stand strong and look its best.

Get stunning results from all your exterior wood surfaces. Contact Trico Painting for your exterior painting estimate today.