Cracked concrete is more than unsightly, it poses safety risks to you and your guests. Leaving concrete untreated, unsealed, or unrepaired is only going to cause bigger problems, more stress, and more money spent. Trico Painting can put your mind at ease with professional concrete sealer application for your concrete surfaces.

Concrete sealer is considered a specialty finish because of the specialized knowledge and techniques required to apply it successfully. While it is tempting to seal concrete yourself, DIY concrete sealing runs the risk of further problems. Namely improper stripping, incomplete drying, or applying too much or too little sealer to the concrete surface, could mean that the integrity of your finish has been compromised. If you’ve seen white dust on the concrete, bubbling, or signs of moisture damage, concrete sealers were previously applied improperly.

What to Know About Concrete Seal Painting

Is Your Property Damage Caused By Concrete Problems?

Poorly sealed or untreated concrete causes major problems for homeowners and HOA properties. Concrete sealers protect your investment in concrete garage flooring, sidewalks, walkways, patios, pool decks, and more.

  • Here’s why concrete may be to blame for your household and property damage:
  • Concrete is naturally porous. It must be completely sealed to prevent moisture intrusion and temperature fluctuations from causing cracks, expansion, and other issues. Unrepaired cracks in concrete lead to mold, mildew and water damage in critical areas throughout your property
  • Foundation damage might be your biggest concrete problem. If you’ve noticed electrical, plumbing, and other systems necessary to keep your property comfortable aren’t working properly, it may be due to movement or shifting of your foundation caused by unaddressed concrete cracks, which can grow and spread.

It's best to avoid a lengthy list of headaches and repairs by taking proactive care of your concrete with professional concrete coating and sealing services.

More Specialty Finishes Available from Trico Painting

In addition to concrete sealers, Trico Painting can apply the following specialty finishes to beautify your property and enhance its value:

  • Metallic Paints: Metallic finishes add a sleek, modern look to any interior room, with nearly limitless color and style options available.
  • Garage Floor Coatings: Keep your garage flooring going strong and prevent costly damage with concrete coatings the professionals trust.
  • Deck Stains: Protect and refinish your decking with professional-grade wood stain on every deck board, railing, stair, and fixture.

Concrete Sealers from Trico Painting: What to Expect from the Experts

When you hire Trico Painting, you can rest assured we’re applying concrete sealers with the utmost care for long-lasting, durable results. Here’s what you can expect from your garage remodel or exterior painting project:

Concrete sealers and coatings are applied in a similar manner to primers and paints. Matching the coating to the surface, using the correct tools and techniques, and keeping the surface smooth and dry from one step of the project to the next, are essential to properly protecting your concrete. Here are the steps our professional painters take:

  • Cleaning Concrete: We completely clean any concrete surfaces you want coated. Removing all oil, stains, dirt, and debris from the concrete so any coatings go on smooth is an important first step. If you have previously applied sealer, it will be stripped from the surface to avoid compromising any new finishes we apply.
  • Coating and Sealing: Using a roller or sprayer, a thin layer of coating is applied to freshly seal the concrete floor, walkway, or patio. Thinner is better, since thinner coats ensure that your concrete coatings dry (and seal) completely.
  • Drying and Reapplying: Once concrete sealer dries fully, a second coat of concrete finish can be applied. As with the first coat, we will let it dry completely. Once it dries, it’s time to enjoy your stronger flooring, sidewalk, pool deck, or patio.

There’s no need to worry about the mess and stress of DIY concrete sealing. Hiring professional painters to seal concrete ensures your surfaces are going to stand the test of time and beautify your indoor or outdoor space.

Trico Painting is trusted by homeowners and property managers to paint beautiful rooms and outdoor spaces in every home where we work. No matter your taste, your favorite finish, or the scope of your project, we’re ready to help your property look its best. Contact us today for your painting project estimate!