7 Best Cabinet Colors From The Experts

7 Best Cabinet Colors From The Experts

With over 67.4% of Americans as proud homeowners, it can feel challenging to make your house stand out. Luckily, when you perform your next kitchen remodels, you can paint your cabinets a unique hue to make your home the visually appealing space that you dream of.

Here, we're going to talk about some of the best cabinet colors for your next kitchen renovation. Read on to get an idea of how you can turn your space from just okay to amazing!

What Are the Best Paint Colors for Your Cabinets?

1. Cream

With the minimalist movement in full swing, it makes sense that white cabinets are so en vogue lately. Since there are so many shades of white, however, figuring out which is right for your kitchen can be overwhelming.

The best white for kitchen cabinets is by far cream when your space has a warm decor scheme. If your countertops have warm undertones and you've incorporated a lot of natural light into your area, you likely prefer warmer hues. Additionally, if you have orange, red, or yellow furniture and decorations, your kitchen falls under the 'warm' category.

Creamy hues from milk to beige are sure to make your space a brighter and more comfortable place. This is especially important if you're going for a natural or mid-century modern aesthetic.

2. Eggshell

On the flip side, eggshell white is ideal for those who use cooler colors and design elements in their kitchen. This accounts for the majority of contemporary decor schemes. If you have stainless steel appliances, bright quartz countertops, and fluorescent artificial lighting, eggshell shades are sure to bring a level of modernity to your space that you'll love.

Simply White and Lily White are different eggshell varieties that you may want to give a try. Check Out Our Cabinet Painting Services to see how we can help you determine the right shade for your cabinets!

3. Jet Black

You've likely heard that black isn't a great color for interior design, but this isn't the case at all! Jet or onyx hues may not be best suited for walls, but they're perfect for your cabinets.

In primarily light rooms, black cabinets are eye-catching and unique. They provide you with the visual variety that you crave within your interior design. In color schemes that incorporate more dark hues (such as navy furniture or burgundy paintings), black blends seamlessly in to give your space a sleek, contemporary aesthetic.

For added beauty, choose to incorporate jet cabinets with sleek black marble countertops in your kitchen. This is the perfect way to create an otherworldly 21st-century space, especially if you use organically-shaped stainless steel lighting.

4. Sky, Arctic, and Cornflower

You might be wondering: relaxing? Why does it matter whether or not your shade of blue relaxes you?

According to color psychology, blue is the color that promotes the most intense feelings of calmness and relaxation. It reduces blood pressure and heartrate to stop you from feeling stressed. This is a huge draw toward blue decor for many renovators.

While some people prefer dark blue, others find lighter shades to be more calming. Sky blue and arctic are the lightest warm and cool shades, respectively. If you prefer a blue that looks natural and deep while still having a definitively light aesthetic, cornflower is an excellent choice.

5. Steel and Stone

Speaking of steel, steel-gray is a wonderful hue to paint your cabinets.

This gray has cool undertones, which also makes it a great way to trim eggshell-white cabinets. You can accentuate the grooves around your favorite cabinet's edges in gray. However, you can also use it as the primary color for your cabinets if you like it a lot.

If you have a warmer decor scheme, stone-gray is the warm-undertone alternative to steel. Try this out with cream accents or trim (or invert this idea to give your stone cabinets cream trim!) Check out some gray paint swatches- it's a huge spectrum that those who enjoy monochromatic schemes are sure to love.

6. The Many Hues of Dark Blue

In a worldwide survey conducted across four continents, blue was proven to be the most popular color. No matter where in the world people reside, the majority of them are more likely to prefer this hue over any other. So, if you consider blue to be your favorite, you're definitely not alone!

Dark blue cabinets, like black ones, are a great way to make your room pop. However, they also add the pop of color that black won't. You can use it in conjunction with blue-painted furniture, decor and trinkets, and paintings to give your kitchen a cohesive and well-rounded vibe.

The most common dark blue hues are midnight, navy, azure, admiral, and cobalt. Do your research before deciding which of these options is the most visually appealing and relaxing for you!

7. Dandelion Yellow

If you want your kitchen to be energizing and invigorating rather than calming, color psychology says that yellow is the color for you. This is the perfect hue for getting together with friends and family to cook awesome new recipes.

There are lots of awesome varieties of yellow that you can choose from, but dandelion is bright, sunny, and beautiful. Because of this, it's a highly recommended shade for kitchen cabinets. You can pair it with walls, flooring, and countertops of any color and style.

Dandelion is the perfect hue for those who have a lot of natural light in their space. If you want to make your day brighter each time you go into the kitchen, this is the color for you!

Choose Your Cabinet Colors Today!

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