Bringing Together Your HOA Community With Paint Color

Bringing Together Your HOA Community With Paint Color

It's natural that as an HOA manager, you don't want your community to look mismatched and awkward. Poorly painted common areas tend to stick out like a sore thumb, prompting neighbors to worry that this one property would tarnish the neighborhood's image and, as a result, the value of their own properties. As a homeowner's association, it's a good idea to make your community feel at ease with your color selections. You might end up with a happier and more comfortable community if you follow these few guidelines when painting your community.

How Paint Color Can Benefit an HOA

1. Team up with your community members to choose a palette that works for everyone.

Keep in mind that as an HOA, your first goal is to protect individual homeowners' property values. By implementing the laws, you, as an HOA manager, endeavor to protect the neighborhood's beauty and the property values of all residents in the community.

However, it is beneficial to include your HOA community in the selection of a color palette that satisfies both your and their needs. Colors that appeal to the ordinary resident will boost sales significantly, especially if you have rentals. Even strange color combinations may be made to work together or altered to make everyone in the community pleased. Colors like orange, purple, vibrant blue, and navy are popular among the younger residents.

2. Decide what and where to paint to create the best look.

So, you've decided on your colors for HOA painting. What is your starting point for your project, and what is your source of inspiration?

Be Creative with Neutral Colors for the Clubhouse

The fact that you've chosen neutral paint colors for your interior doesn't imply they have to be laid-back. You may liven up a neutral color scheme by experimenting with different color combinations. A striped wall in neutral hues provides a lot of elegance while yet maintaining a relaxing atmosphere in the clubhouse. A pastel ceiling with a neutral wall color is a clever approach to introduce color without detracting from the space's relaxing feel. Or even something as simple as colored wainscoting to add a pop of color can go a long way.

Try Undertone Colors for the Gym and Pool Areas

When picking exterior paint colors, the undertones might be hit or miss. Undertones are the colors that lay beneath your preferred paint color, to put it simply. If a plain beige has a strong green undertone, you could end up with an oddly colored wall. Only by sampling the color can you accurately predict how an undertone will appear in your spaces. Since something as simple as reflections from other surfaces in your area might alter the appearance of your paint, sampling is vital. Bottom line, when picking exterior paint colors, be sure you understand how undertones operate and why they matter.

Consider the Home’s Architectural Style and Era

Your exterior paint scheme should seem suitable to the type of structure that’s being painted, whether it's a Queen Anne Victorian, a Craftsman bungalow, or a midcentury contemporary ranch. Many paint manufacturers provide historically correct color collections that may serve as a great starting point for your palette.

Find a Great Painting Service

Hiring a professional residential painter makes your work a whole lot easier. TRICO PAINTING's color consultants work with you to determine your preferred color palette and décor preferences. Our consultant will visit the properties to work with you on showcasing the inherent beauty of your place. Paint colors may attract and distract as needed, whether they're used to emphasize a distinctive trim, call attention to a lovely centerpiece of artwork or your constructed fireplace, or even appropriately display a wonderful vista. In order to determine the ideal colors and tones or combination of colors that will complement one another, we will also evaluate the natural flow or movement throughout the selected areas of the property.

So if you’re ready to add some cohesiveness to your HOA community and you’re in Roseville or the surrounding areas, contact us today for more information.