How to Choose the Best Pressure Washer

How to Choose the Best Pressure Washer

While some may be enjoying the coziness of their home during this winter weather, others are dreaming of warmer temperatures, eager for spring to arrive. Now is the perfect time to begin making a list of all the outside projects you need to do in order to prepare your exterior for a new season, including pressure washing. If a pressure washer is a tool you’re looking to invest in, but you aren’t sure which to get, the experts at TRICO PAINTING have all the tips on how to choose the best pressure washer.

Electric vs. Gas

When purchasing a pressure washer, there are two models you can choose from, electric and gas.

For simple jobs such as washing your car or cleaning off your outdoor furniture or play toys, electric pressure washers are a good choice. Because electric washers are used for lighter work, the actual washer itself tends to be lighter and quieter. If you’re going for budget friendly, an electric washer is what you’re looking for. Make sure to have an outlet nearby, as the pressure washer will need one in order to run. While they do require an outlet, they are easier to maintain, as you will not need to deal with oil changes like you would with a gas pressure washer. This model is ideal for homeowners who are looking to tackle the job themselves.

Gas pressure washers are what you’ll see professional pressure washing companies with, as they are more powerful. This model of washer is a heavy duty piece of equipment, but it is mobile and still easy to move around. Because of its high power, it will be more of an investment price-wise. This kind of washer is ideal for projects such as cleaning sidewalks or removing paint. While you can choose to purchase a gas pressure washer for your home, it is important to know how to properly use it. Incorrectly used, you can actually damage the surface you are washing.

Nozzle Size

Many pressure washers with a lower psi will come with adjustable nozzles. This simply means you can adjust your water stream while you’re washing, rather than stopping to change out nozzles. Pressure washers that have a high psi usually come with a variety of nozzle sizes, often color coded for specific uses based on the angle of the water when it is sprayed.


Before you choose your pressure washer, it is important to know what their psi and gpm are. The term psi stands for pounds per square inch, and gpm stands for gallons per minute. The two go hand in hand when deciding on which pressure washer is best. Simply put, the lower the psi, the lower the pressure of the washer, and the higher the psi, the higher the pressure.

Washers with a lower gpm (which is the measure of the volume of water that passes through) will take longer to clean surfaces than a washer with a high gpm. If you do opt for a pressure washer with a higher gpm, it will require a water source that can support its higher gpm.

Why Hire a Professional Painter for Pressure Washing Services?

Whether it’s cleaning dirty exterior walls or preparing your deck for all those family cookouts, pressure washing should be on every homeowner’s to-do list this spring. However, not all homeowners have the time or skills to successfully pressure wash their exterior surfaces. And it can be intimidating to look through a long list of potential pressure washing companies near you and narrow it down to just one. But when you call in the experts at TRICO PAINTING, we have the equipment, knowledge, and experience to guarantee a job done right. Contact us today for your pressure washing project estimate.