How to Select the Right Color and Type of House Paint

How to Select the Right Color and Type of House Paint

Paint color selection for house painting or painting HOA properties: where do you begin? There are as many colors as there are ideas. And once you have a color in mind, how do you know if you have the right type of house paint?

TRICO PAINTING knows a thing or two about house painting, and we know paint selection makes a big difference in the look of your property. We also know that the type of paint you work with can impact the longevity and resilience of your finishes. So here’s what our painting pros suggest when it comes to choosing paint you’ll love.

Exterior Paint Color Ideas

Let’s start with the exterior. After all, it’s what most people will see on a daily basis. Here are things to consider when choosing exterior paint colors:

  • Your natural environment: Consider any natural features around your home when choosing color palettes, because those aren’t likely to go anywhere. The same goes for natural materials used in your home construction (wood and stone come to mind). Choosing paints that complement your natural surroundings and building materials will avoid “sticking out like a sore thumb” by choosing colors that aren’t a good fit.
  • Sunlight: You may be impressed by a bold or interesting color in the store or online, but those colors will look different when illuminated by sunlight. That’s why most homeowners and HOAs pick cool or neutral palettes for their home exteriors.
  • Simplicity: In general, it’s a good idea to work with 2-3 colors maximum when painting home exteriors. The result is more cohesive and less disjointed than when working from a more varied color palette.
  • Style: It’s a good guiding principle to see how other homes of the same architectural style are being painted. Stucco, for example, is going to be brought to life by colors that might look dull or flat on a house with a different style of construction.
  • Size: Lighter colors make homes appear larger, while darker colors have a more grounding effect on the appearance of home exteriors. If you have an oddly shaped exterior, a darker color may help everything come together better. A lighter color scheme, on the other hand, may be a great choice for a smaller home that you want to appear more expansive.
  • Play with Details and Features: If you really want to express your bold, creative side, use exciting contrasting colors for little pops of color on exterior features. Your front door, trim, or shutters might be fun places to play with contrast, and you wouldn’t be stuck having to repaint an entire house if you didn’t like the look.

What About the Home Interior Colors?

Home interior painting is a chance to be bolder and more adventurous. You’re not as beholden to sunlight and static natural features, so you likely feel freer to express your creativity. Here are some suggestions to help ensure your results line up with your vision.

  • Use a Color Wheel: A color wheel is a great tool because you can easily plan coordinating or contrasting colors without making missteps that lead to clashes and costly repaints.
  • Plan Around a Star Feature: Have a favorite piece of art, or a print you love? It can be the inspiration for the color scheme of an entire home interior room.
  • Adjust by Shades: You don’t have to pick a totally different color or do a design overhaul. Something as simple as choosing paint colors, a shade lighter or a shade darker can have a big impact — with no need to redecorate!
  • Try Specialty Finishes: If you really want to change things up, metallic finishes and other specialty finishes can transform a space. It’s a fun option for a room where you entertain, or where you like to express your creativity.

How Do I Know I’ve Chosen the Right Type of Paint?

You’ll probably get a sense that a paint color or style is a good fit, just like you know when a color is not going to work. But there are a few things you can do to feel more confident about your decision:

  • Research: Give yourself time to explore your options by style, color scheme, and budget. Lots of groundwork has been done to find complementary colors, so you won’t have to reinvent the wheel.
  • Apps: As with most things, when it comes to choosing paint colors, there’s an app for that. Color selection apps give you a chance to see how a color looks in a room (or on exterior walls) without having to commit.
  • Testing: Test out colors on a patch of wall before painting an entire wall or room. You’ll be able to see how it looks against natural light, details, and other features, without having to do a costly repaint if you don’t get it right.
  • Color Consult: Painters know how colors look better than anyone. We know how to get the deepest, richest colors. We know which colors “play well” together. And we know how to use specialty finishes and applications to realize your vision.

Ready to start planning your repaint? TRICO PAINTING is here to help with home and HOA painting for exteriors and interior rooms. Call TRICO PAINTING for your house painting estimate today.