Spray vs Rolling: What's The Best Way To Apply Paint?

Spray vs Rolling: What's The Best Way To Apply Paint?

Do you have a project you want to tackle in your home? Does it all seem overwhelming when you consider getting started? You go to the home improvement store, look at all the paint. Then there are all the materials you need to paint.

Of course, you need to decide will you spray or roll paint? Painting with a roller requires you to do all that taping and cutting in. But spray painting means paint goes everywhere.

How do you know when to break out the spray painting machine or when to use the roller? The truth is there are advantages to both.

Read on to learn about when to spray or roll paint.

Painting With a Roller

Painting with a roller allows you to put on a nice heavy coat of paint. If you are using color, the color can be more consistent when using a roller, instead of spray paint.

There are some things to consider when using the roller over spraying. You need to worry less about covering every surface when using a roller. When you spray, if it's not covered or taped, it will get paint on it.

When you are painting an interior wall, especially without a ceiling, it makes sense to use a roller. You only need a few supplies, the paint, roller, paint tray, and tarps to protect the floor. This is simpler than trying to cover every surface and makes for an easier clean up with the roller.

Another consideration for rolling the paint is waste. Paint only goes where you put it, which eliminates waste. When you paint using a sprayer, there is more waste because the paint goes over more surface.

Using Spray Painting

Having said that, there are some times when using the sprayer to paint makes a lot of sense. If you are hoping to prime an interior space that is brand new and never had paint before, it makes sense to use the sprayer. It allows you to cover large areas with primer more quickly.

If you need to paint an exterior, it makes sense to also use a sprayer. You can cover large open areas more quickly.

Likewise, if you have an area with many details. This can be time-consuming to paint using a brush or roller. It makes sense for quality coverage and time purposes, to use a sprayer.

Which to Choose, Spray or Roll Paint

Deciding whether to spray or roll paint might depend on where you are painting. It might also depend on which stage of the painting you need to complete.

Of course, you want convenience. But you also want to make sure your surface is covered evenly with as little hassle as possible.

Do you have some painting you need done? We do both interior and exterior surfaces and help you decide when to spray or roll paint for your project. Contact us today for an estimate and so we can help you with your project.