Sometimes it’s all about the details: painting baseboard, crown, and other trim moldings can beautify a room in your home or HOA property right away. And Trico Painting is here to help!

We offer crown molding, trim molding, and baseboard painting as part of our lineup of interior painting services for homeowners and property managers.

Benefits of Painting Trim Moldings

Painting crown moldings, baseboard, and trim can be a big boost when you’re improving your property. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Cleaner look: Wear and tear often impacts baseboards and trim the most. After all, foot traffic, furniture, and equipment are constantly coming in contact with it. Painting these features gives them a nice, clean look.
  • Paint and surface repair: Scratches, scuffs, and other imperfections on interior trim are inevitable. But painting is a great way to correct that. Removing paint damage and correcting any surface damage are critical improvements that help transform the look of any space.
  • A Pop of Color: If you’re doing a redesign or room remodel, you might be ready to try something new with your paint color selection. Painting moldings is a great way to give a pop of color to contrast with walls and ceilings and to define the details in a larger room or living space.

Painting crown molding, baseboards, and trim seem like small interior painting projects, but they go a long way toward beautifying a room.

Painting Interior Trim: Should You DIY?

When you’re ready to paint, you might be curious about doing it yourself. But DIY trim painting can be a headache. You’ll have to consider:

  • How to Completely Cover Surfaces You Don’t Want Painted: Surfaces will need to be covered to avoid drips -- on floors, ceilings, walls, or doors.
  • How to Remove Old Paint: Completely removing old/damaged paint is a challenge, even for people used to painting. It will add time to your project, but it must be done well in order for new paint to adhere properly.
  • How to Correct Surface Damage: Surface preparation is a must-do before repainting, and part of that is correcting surface damage. Before starting a painting project, it’s essential to know how to treat and prep surfaces without further damaging them.
  • Picking the Right Paint: Depending on what your trim and baseboards are made of, different paints will have a different look and finish, and will work better with your trim. Making the right match is critical to avoiding costly and time-consuming repaints you didn’t plan for.

Why Hire Professional Painters to Paint Baseboard, Crown, and Other Trim Moldings?

Hiring professional painters for crown, baseboard, and interior trim painting is a smart move if you want to save time, stress, and money. Working with Trico Painting means knowing your paint will be a great match for your surface, and that you’ll get the finish you’re looking for.

We’ll work with you every step of the way to be sure your trim helps your rooms stand out. If you’re already planning on painting a whole room, we’ll help you find the perfect contrasting couple to match your style and taste. No need for stress. When it comes to trim painting, we’re in your corner.

Have big plans for your painting project? The painting pros at Trico will help you get it done. Contact us for your interior painting estimate today!