To make sure we obtain the right materials and specific paint colors required for your project, please fill out the following form. Be sure to also include the brand manufacturers’ name, color name and color number along with your request! Questions? Please call (916) 550-9648 and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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custom color match

Do you have a wet quart sample which needs to be matched as part of your project? If yes, kindly contact our office to make arrangements to have your samples picked up 2 weeks prior to your project start date.


color form disclaimer

Please review your estimate before you continue to complete this form. This color form is not part of your contract. Do not specify colors for items which are not listed in your proposal. If there are colors in areas which are not listed in your proposal – and we order paint – you will be charged additional fees for the labor and materials.

white color disclaimer

Any white color that is selected for the body or pure white for the trim of the house - for either exterior or interior projects - will be subject to an additional fee for the extra material and labor required to properly cover the existing color. Cabinet projects are excluded.

exterior projects

Additional fees will be applied for ANY white color selected for the main exterior body color of your home or PURE WHITE for the exterior trim of your home.

interior projects

Additional fees will be applied for choosing a PURE WHITE color for the trim or ANY white color required for the application over an existing dark color with additional coats of paint to properly hide and to provide a higher quality of coverage.


cabinet colors

Both the brand color name + color number are required. (i.e., Sherwin Williams, SW1065 Malibu Dune)

Brand color name + color number

cabinet sheen selection

stair railing

Star railing sheen selection

stair railing color notes

Please include sheen level

special requests


exterior colors

The following section requires an answer for each line item in order to proceed. If your project does not require a specific area listed herein, simply enter “N/A” and continue to the next line.

Both the brand brand color name + color number are required. (i.e., Sherwin Williams, SW1065 Malibu Dune)

Brand color name + color number

special requests


Interior colors

Both the brand color name + color number are required. (i.e., Sherwin Williams, SW1065 Malibu Dune)

Brand color name + color number

interior walls only finish

woodwork, baseboards, doors, door casings color

ceiling color

ceiling finish

special requests


color name, number & manufacturer of color

  • Please check your information for accuracy! TRICO PAINTING is not liable for color choices, or errors, on your color submission form.
  • Include the color name, color number and the brand/manufacturer of the color (for example: Kelly Moore, Swiss Coffee, #23).
  • If you have a wet sample (quart) you have purchased and your choice is based on this sample, we will need this sample for matching purposes. This will help eliminate ordering the wrong color for your project. Your project may be delayed or postponed if we are unable to verify your color information.

instructions, material delivery & usage of garage for cabinet projects

  • Our crew requires confirmation you have received the detailed instructions emailed to you on how to prepare for our arrival. The email contains information about what to expect, our arrival time and additional information to help your project run smoothly and on time.
  • Please call us immediately at (916) 550-9648 if you have not received instructions.
  • Cabinet projects require the use of your garage. We require a minimum of one car space and preferably two, if possible. The material for your project may arrive as early as the Friday before we start.
  • Deliveries start as early as 7:30 am. Our suppliers will put the supplies in a safe place and out of the way but will store them in a place that is convenient for you if you are available.


final approval & submission

TRICO PAINTING is not responsible for painting any additional areas or providing special material for items that are not listed in your proposal. If you would like additional areas to be painted other than what is listed in your proposal, please call our office to discuss the additional pricing.


If you have any questions or concerns about this color form or would like to speak with a customer care representative, please call our office at (916) 550-9648 and we will be happy to assist you.