You can’t have a strong exterior paint job on your home or HOA property without expert caulking. Trico Painting is here to help. We offer caulking as part of our comprehensive exterior painting services. We know caulk damage, or skimping on caulking, is the culprit behind a lot of painting issues. We’ll make sure your caulking is strong and secure so your paint job will truly stand the test of time.

Why Is Caulking Important?

No painter would recommend undertaking exterior painting without caulking. Caulking and sealing an exterior wall before painting is critical because:

  • It protects against the shifting and changing that can happen in a paint finish due to temperature changes.
  • It protects against moisture, humidity, debris intrusion, and other weather damage that could cause wood rot and other surface deterioration.
  • It prevents bubbling, cracking, peeling, and other unsightly paint damage, which means you won’t need costly repaints or painting maintenance prematurely.
  • It prevents pests and insects from entering the building between walls and joints.
  • It insulates walls and helps keep your energy usage and costs down.

Caulking is a protective barrier, and it’s a must for a better-looking and longer-lasting paint job.

How Does Caulking Work?

Caulking is made from a special compound designed to seal cracks, fill holes, and close gaps and joints in surfaces.

Caulk is most often applied using a caulking gun. Done right, caulk blends into the surface. But if you’re seeing seams, cracks, or weathering in your caulk, it’s time to replace it as part of your repainting project.

We recommend checking the caulking around exterior seams between walls and roofing, doors and windows, and around bricks and siding. Obviously all caulking should be checked, as wear and tear can damage it over time, but those key places tend to be “problem areas” in terms of caulk damage.

Why Hire Professional Painters for Caulking?

Caulking yourself can seem overwhelming. It’s not always clear which caulk to use, how to repair caulk damage, or how to know you have the right tools. Additionally, there are always safety risks every time you have to climb a ladder.

Hiring professional painters for caulking makes sense, because you can’t have a professional-quality paint job without a professional-grade caulking job.

Trico Painting uses only the best tools, products, and materials for every caulking job we do. We know which types of caulk to use for your surfaces, and how to repair paint or caulk damage.

We’re sure to let the caulk dry completely before painting. If we notice rotting or damaged wood, we will replace that and any other surface damage before caulking and repainting.

We caulk as part of every interior painting job, and will inspect and repair caulk as part of our commitment to expert surface preparation.

We’ll answer any questions you have about rotting wood, surface repair, and other steps we’re taking to keep your surfaces strong so they’re ready to receive paint. Ready to get started? Give Trico Painting a call for an exterior painting estimate for your home or HOA property.