Doors and windows: you wouldn’t have a home or property without them. But they are often more vulnerable to paint damage and other issues.

Trico Painting is here to help! We offer door and window painting as part of our full suite of exterior painting services for homeowners and HOA property managers.

When is It Time to Paint Doors and Windows?

Door and window painting is a worthwhile effort for lots of reasons. We recommend planning this painting project if:

  • You notice surface imperfections: Frequent use means bits of the paint, and maybe even bits of the window or door surfaces themselves, can flake off. This surface damage may seem small, but it will worsen if left unattended, especially in high-traffic or high-use areas.
  • You see marks: Black marks and scuffs are very common around doors and windows. But there’s no need to live with unsightly marks that make your home or property look dirty. Repainting will take care of it!
  • Moisture gets in: If moisture intrusion is causing discoloration, mold, or mildew, painting windows and doors can go a long way toward improving sealing and keeping moisture at bay.
  • Energy costs go up: You can bet that if your doors and windows aren’t sealed correctly, air will escape and energy costs will rise. It’s time to schedule door and window painting if you’re ready for your property to be more energy-efficient.

Painting Doors and Windows: Planning for Success

When window and door painting are necessary, you need to take a few steps to get it done right, so you can avoid unexpected repainting costs in the future.

Here are a few steps to take to ensure success:

  • Covering All Surfaces: Door and window painting is prone to dripping, because of how these elements are situated on your property. Completely covering your surfaces and moving what you can out of the way will keep what you don’t want painted protected.
  • Knowing Surface Conditions: Getting to the bottom of things is necessary when painting, so you understand the condition of the surface beneath. You may need to allow for some repairs and resurfacing.
  • Matching: Different surfaces take different paints better than others. It’s important to know paints and primers well enough to choose the ones that are the best fit for your doors and windows.

Why Hire Professional Painters for Door and Window Painting?

Hiring professional painters for door and window painting gives you advantages you won’t get from a DIY painting project.

Trico Painting teams will do everything we can to make window and door painting a stress-free process. We understand the unique challenges of painting these surfaces, and there’s no need to tackle it on your own.

We can assess the condition of surfaces completely and accurately, as well as recommending and completing surface repairs. When it’s time to paint, we utilize professional-grade primers and paints, and match them to the type and demands of your door and window surfaces.

And since we cover everything before painting and clean up after, you’re left with nothing but beautiful doors and windows that keep your property inviting, comfortable, and safe.

Have big plans for your painting project? The painting pros at Trico will help you get it done. Contact us for your exterior painting estimate today!