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Painting Without Compromise

It’s our promise to you we will follow our tried-and-true system which results in cabinets that look and feel brand new. Our proven process consistently produces high-end finishes, providing you with peace of mind that we did the job well. You’re going to want to show off your new cabinets and we want to ensure your cabinets will be the pride and joy of any room in your home.


  • Satin & Semi-gloss
  • Benjamin Moore Advance
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do your cabinets need a new look?

Your cabinets have seen better days and need a refresh. You could:

  • Purchase new cabinets at a considerable cost
  • Paint them yourself
  • Hire a professional.

We suggest option #3. Here’s why.

The Right Tools

It’s essential to understand the task at hand. Besides the serious prep time involved, most homeowners do not count their cabinetry correctly, quickly turning a project that seemed so simple into a DIYer’s nightmare. On the other hand, knowing how to do it properly can change the picture entirely.

How to Count Your Cabinets

Starting with the upper cabinets, begin counting from left to right. Include the end panels. Repeat the process with the lower cabinets. Be sure to count the drawers, faux panels, and Lazy Susan doors. Finally, count the doors and drawers on your island. (See diagram).

TRICO’s Gold Standard

TRICO brings our gold standard to everything we do and that includes painting cabinets. We focus on clean lines and sharp finishes, whether in the kitchen, great room, or home office, giving your cabinets new life.

For a ballpark figure of how much your project might run, watch our interactive video below. To find out how TRICO can help you create a fresh look, please visit our project gallery for more ideas and book a complimentary consultation today!




If you are concerned that painted cabinets won’t give the same results as new cabinets, and have been on the fence about hiring professionals to paint your cabinets, it is time to take the leap. Just check out these benefits:

Just check out these benefits:

  • an enhanced appearance

    an enhanced appearance

    Regardless of where your cabinets are, having them professionally painted will not only leave them looking new, but fresh color can transform the entire space.



    In comparison to purchasing new cabinets, many Roseville, CA homeowners find that investing in professional cabinet painting is the most efficient and cost-effective choice.



    When you choose to paint your cabinets, you gain complete control over customizing their appearance to your liking. You can select the perfect color scheme and choose the best hardware pieces that align with your style preference. While our painting services do not include hardware, you can easily find the ideal pieces to complement your style at your favorite local hardware store.



    Are you getting ready to list your property? If so, old, outdated cabinets can really drag down your home’s sale price. Give your kitchen or bathroom an easy makeover by having your cabinets professionally painted.



    Reusing what you already have is always an eco-friendly option. When you paint your cabinets, you won’t need to purchase any new materials or discard old ones. Instead, just give them a professional makeover. Your cabinets will look just like new!



    Painting your cabinets (even in a large kitchen) can be completed in just a few days. Purchasing new cabinets is often a much bigger deal than it seems. You will have to make sure that what you order will be a perfect fit for your space - and sometimes this requires a lot of customizations and special orders. Once they arrive, you then have to wait for them to be installed. As a result, the entire process could take several weeks or months to be completed.

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Painted cabinets can make a bold statement. Therefore, having this project completed by professionals will always yield the best results.

At TRICO PAINTING we have a team of experienced painters who complete cabinet painting projects utilizing the most advanced methods and modern tools. You can always count on stunning results.


  • Excellence in Service & Customer Satisfaction
  • Attention to Every Detail
  • Timely Project Completion
  • Professional, Clean Crew

We are licensed and insured contractors who treat your home as if it were our own. If you are in or around Roseville, CA, and are interested in cabinet painting, let the professionals of TRICO PAINTING transform your space.

From Our Customers

We used TRICO for part of our kitchen remodel. They painted all of our cabinets (which was a lot) and had not been done in 20 years (we went from dark brown to a cool gray). They look completely refreshed and brand new. They also painted our downstairs interior, including a whole lot of trim, and everything looks great. — Christine M. / San Francisco, CA
TRICO PAINTING did a beautiful job on the interior of my home. From Sawyer… the estimator, Marco… the supervisor who kept things on track and responded to my questions, to Marcelo, the job foreman, they did a top-notch job. They go out of their way to make it a seamless process. Would not use anyone but TRICO! — Denise R. / Danville, CA
TRICO did a fantastic job with our cabinets and banisters. I highly recommend them. Great job from prep to finish. — Dukes S. / San Francisco, CA
Wonderful company to work with, from Tim, the owner, to Jenny in the office coordinating everything, to Alex and his crew, who did a great job! On-time each day, fulfilled all that was promised, and it turned out fantastic. Highly recommended!!! — Gail G. / Rocklin, CA
TRICO painted our interior a couple months ago, and they did a fantastic job...clean, polite and beautifully done. Marcus was super nice and very communicative. There was a small issue and owner Tim immediately called us...they came out and fixed it up, no problems. Would highly recommend. — J. M. / Granite Bay, CA
I couldn’t be happier with the job TRICO PAINTING did on my kitchen cabinets. The painting crew was very careful to protect our home and belongings while they were working. They did an amazing job. The final result is beautiful, new-looking kitchen cabinets again. I will use TRICO PAINTING for all of my painting needs from now on. I highly recommend them for anyone needing interior or exterior painting — Kathy S / Granite Bay, CA
Everyone was professional and friendly, and they answered all of my questions. I wasn’t sure what to expect for the first time painting my house. I budgeted $3k for the job, and I was pleased when the estimate came in under this figure. They were very conscientious of my multiple solar lights, ring cameras, and rose bushes. Nothing was damaged. The house looks beautiful. I was very happy with the job they did. — Laura M. / Roseville, CA
We just completed 3 projects with TRICO PAINTING, and they were fantastic!! They were always on time, professional, detail-oriented, and exceeded our expectations! We would definitely recommend them for any painting projects! Thanks again! — Linda H. / El Dorado Hills, CA
Wanted to review TRICO PAINTING and the great job they did painting my home. They arrived on time, did the work as promised, dealt with all minor touch-ups before they left, and cleaned up after themselves. They went out of their way to make sure my wife and I were happy with everything. The Sherwin Williams paint they used looks great. The colors came out just like the palette swatches from the manufacturer. Highly recommend. — Tim G / Rocklin, CA
TRICO PAINTING completed painting the exterior of our house yesterday, and WE LOVE IT!!!! Throughout the job, the painters were very courteous, professional, cleaned up after themselves daily, and the quality of their work was outstanding! We are extremely happy with the outcome of our exterior painting project!! We will definitely use TRICO again for any painting projects in the future. We highly recommend this company. — Tracey H. / Roseville, CA

Cabinet Painting FAQs

  • Will I see the grain pattern after you paint my cabinets?

    The grain pattern on oak is nearly impossible to eliminate. The process we use does an outstanding job of minimizing the grain, but does not entirely eliminate it.

  • Do you paint the cabinets at my home or take them to your shop?

    All of the work we do is performed at the job site. We do not take cabinets away from your home. A majority of the work we do is in your garage. We will need a considerable amount of room to set up our equipment and spray booth.

  • What color can I paint my cabinets?

    Any color! The freedom to choose the color you want for your cabinets is just one of the many benefits of cabinet painting.

  • Does the paint have a strong odor?

    The primer does have a strong odor. We recommend that you stay away from the areas we are spraying in to avoid any issues with your respiratory system or eye irritation.

  • Will we be able to stay in the home during the project?

    You are welcome to stay in your home during the project. Many of our customers do. Please keep in mind that areas we are painting will be out of service for the project’s duration t. We also advise our clients to have an overnight bag packed before the project starts in case the odors or the construction site become unbearable.

  • Do you offer staining or glazing?

    We do not offer staining or glazing because the products that are necessary to complete the project have been eliminated from the marketplace by the Environmental Protection Agency. As a result of this action, the cost to strip your pre-existing finish is more expensive than buying a new door. We do offer staining services for new work or new doors that do not need to be stripped.

  • Do I have to empty my cabinets?

    We ask that our customers empty the drawers and any cabinets with glass doors. We also require our customers to move the refrigerator away from any cabinets that we will be painting.

  • How do I take care of the cabinets and what about chipping?

    The cabinets are easy to maintain. We recommend a soft microfiber rag with warm water or Dawn detergent. Do not use any cleaning products on your cabinets. Touching up chips is very simple and we will explain the process when we complete your project. Chips can happen, but they are easily repaired.

  • Is there a project manager onsite during the job?

    There is a Foreman - Crew Leader on every project. We will introduce you to each other at the beginning of your project. Our Project Managers will visit your home to make sure everything is running smoothly.

  • How long will my job take?

    Each job is unique and depends on how many cabinets and how many areas we are working in. A large kitchen typically takes 4-5 days to complete.

  • What can happen to a homeowner in California if one doesn't hire a licensed contractor?
    1. Without a licensed contractor, you are legally considered the “Employer” of the crew working on your property. As such, you are responsible for following all the rules of CAL/OSHA and the State of California and be financially liable for any injuries or inadequate workmanship.
    2. Should you wish to sell that property later and it cannot pass inspection, you have no recourse but to repair the poor workmanship at your own expense.
    3. Should your insurance find out you hired an unlicensed contractor, they can, and most likely will, deny financial responsibility for any repairs resulting from the unlicensed contractor.
    4. Should the repairs or injury liability be too great, your insurance could drop you.
    5. If your mortgage agency becomes aware that you no longer have insurance, you could be forced to buy insurance at a much higher cost or risk the forced sale of your property if you cannot pay the balance due on your mortgage.
    6. Should an unlicensed contractor or their employees get injured on your property, you can be sued personally. See items 3, 4, and 5.
    7. If you hire an unlicensed contractor, you are rescinding your homeowner’s rights to State help in a dispute. The state of California only represents homeowners who hire licensed contractors.
    8. Should an injury occur, the State Contractor’s Board can fine you for not hiring a licensed contractor. See items 3, 4, and 5.

    Hiring a licensed contractor in the State of California does not ensure that job mishaps do not occur. However, it helps protect you, your home and your rights when you hire a licensed contractor. Things like insurance, proper training of employees, home and employee safety all cost money. Think before you “save money” by hiring an unlicensed contractor.


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