10 Living Room Colors to Consider for New Homeowners

10 Living Room Colors to Consider for New Homeowners

There may be no room in your home that tells family, friends, and visitors more about you than your living room. That's because most people may never get to see your home's inner sanctum bedroom but may visit with you in your living room. So your living room colors need to reflect who you are and your sense of style.

Even before the COVID19 pandemic, most Americans and Europeans spent about 90 percent of their time indoors. In a post COVID19 global world, that percentage continues to grow. That means homeowners are beginning to research rooms they want to modify or change completely.

If you've just moved into a new home or want to renovate your old one, please keep reading. There are at least ten living room colors that are considered to be sophisticated and timeless. The ten color options are ones you may want to consider before hiring an interior painting service company.

Best Living Room Colors for Your Home

Living room colors have evolved. In the 1930s, the living room was the social hub in your home. Starting in the 1950's more and more televisions were being sold, and the TV became the centerpiece of the living room. That meant all furniture and living room colors were meant to complement the television set.

Most televisions are mounted to the wall allowing for rich, vibrant, or sedate and calming living room colors and environments. Every painting contractor or service company needs to understand the homeowners living room goals and concerns. You want to use painting contractors that use only premium-quality paint that provides rich hues and vibrancy to your living room.

There are ten living room colors that many new homeowners consider first.

1. Deep Green and Earth-tone Color Ides

Most people don't realize realizing what they have until it is lost. In 2020, the colors of nature and earth tones resonate with customers painting their living room. When you're unable to fully participate in the outside activities, places, and events you're used to, painting your living room in colors that reflect the outside hues, can give your living room a serene or calm center.

2. Classy Black and White House Painting

There's a timeless quality to using black and white as the colors in your living room. That's due to the beautiful and panache quality of the black and white combo's interior colors. The black and white living room color combination also gives you an enduring color scheme that provides easy to coordinate living room furniture and accents.

3. Vintage Rouge Interior Design Colors

Every living room tells a story, and by using a faded or vintage rouge color, you are painting your living room best to represent your past, present, and future. Vintage rouge and pink give your living room a lovely backdrop color that updates your living room space while providing a treasure-trove of furniture and accent design options. Almost any color complements vintage rouge or pink, which means your sophisticated design and style are represented well through this living room color.

4. Splash a Blue Color Palette On Your Walls and Help Bring The Sea and Tropics Into Your Living Room

Finding a way to balance multiple blue color paint variations with blue hues that best represent the sea and tropics for your living room isn't as easy as it sounds. Many well-known living room designers have coastal escape blue colors on the color wheel but finding the exact combination of blue that works with your vision is another story. Whether your vision includes glossy blues or weathered aqua colors, let the blue draw out and complement your living room design, furniture, and accessories.

5. Terracotta and Buttery Blend Colors for Living Rooms

It’s not the burnt orange terracotta color from the 1970’s you remember or have seen in pictures. Instead, today’s burnt terracotta gives almost a sense of nature and life, while the buttery blends help dip your living room in soft light and ambiance. Together the colors can work magic for the living room’s interior design possibilities.

6. Bold Navy and Vibrant White Interior Design

If there were such a thing as a perfect marriage of colors in a living room, it would be the bold navy mix with vibrant white. There is nothing that looks as lush and rich as dark navy and crisp white. The combination adds a bold and lively look to your living room.

You can showcase almost any furniture style or accent your living room with virtually any type of accessory and make it work using these colors.

7. Honey Gold Colors for Living Rooms

The color of honey gold gives your living room a sense of warmth and luxury. Honey gold can be played off with beiges and browns or enlivened with gray or yellow color accents. No matter what honey gold-tone you select for your living room, bold color light fixtures will add a sophisticated feel to the room.

Or you can add some smokey gray to give your living room a sense of warmth and coziness.

8. Rich Wine Red Living Room Interior Painting

There may be no other color that best represents lushness than a rich wine red living room. By painting your room in rich wine red, you make a statement about who you are and what your living room represents. By adding trim work or baseboards in white, you help ensure your living room is noticed and admired.

9. Smokey Gray Living Rooms Help Your Interior Looks Spacious

Gray may not be the favorite color of many people, but you add a modernistic environment to your home when you put elegant gray on your living room wall. You can then use the gray color in your living room as the foundation piece to add almost any color furniture or decor. The gray helps to pop out the designs and colors you select as accents in your living room design.

10. French Lilac Color Ideas

When you use a light and delicate lilac in your living room colors, you help create a living room that brings the essence of rainbows, flowers, and most things beautiful in nature. There’s a place you can go that shares the latest and greatest news about vibrant colors and designs for your home’s interior or exterior. TRICO PAINTING also offers you virtual estimates and online meetings.

The Best Interior Design Painting Professionals Around

You can find out the latest design, color, and accents by signing up and receiving TRICO PAINTING’s blog. You can reach out to TRICO PAINTING if you need an expert and professional housing painting estimate that fits your budget. While a color paint chart is a good place to start, you want to work with knowledgeable painting professionals who can help you find the best living room colors representing your vision.

You want living room colors that best suit your home’s interior design while providing the ambiance you want.