What Are The Best Exterior House Paints?

What Are The Best Exterior House Paints?

Transform your home's exterior with a quick brush of color! With so many paints on the market, it can be daunting to pick the perfect one for your abode. To help you decide which paint is ideal for achieving the look you desire, this article will examine some of the most favored types used in outdoor painting and reveal their respective benefits and drawbacks. By exploring these options before starting any project, you are sure to bring your imaginative vision into reality!

Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Exterior Paints

When you're selecting a paint color and product to upgrade the facade of your home, you must consider important factors such as weather resistance, moisture protection for wood surfaces, and minimal future maintenance requirements. An effective covering should be able to endure severe climate conditions while providing lasting protection with little effort on your part. So when searching for just the right type of paint for any outdoor projects or improvements around your house - think about these things first!


If you're looking for resilient exterior house paint for stucco and wood homes in Roseville, CA, make sure to check these essential characteristics:

  1. Weather  Resistant: Able to withstand the climate of Roseville - The paint should be able to handle extreme weather conditions like high heat and strong winds. It is also important that it has UV protection from fading or chalking. 
  2. Breathability - This trait is incredibly crucial when dealing with wall surfaces made out of stucco; it allows moisture management so mold and mildew will not grow on your walls
  3. Adhesion: Good adhesion is key when painting, as it helps ensure that the paint won't peel or flake off. Moreover, for long-term durability and to maintain a pristine finish, you must use a product with flexibility - one that will expand and contract to temperature fluctuations of the surface.
  4. Mildew Resistance: - Invest in paint that is resistant to mildew growth for maximum protection against unsightly stains and damage. 
  5. Easy Application: Seek out an exterior paint that applies smoothly, with impeccable coverage and an even finish. 
  6. Long Lasting:  Maximize your investment by opting for a long-lasting option requiring minimal maintenance throughout the years.

What Is The Best Exterior House Paint?

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100% Acrylic House Paint

Homeowners in Roseville CA have many options when it comes to painting the exterior of their homes. For superior protection against the elements and long-lasting durability, 100% acrylic paints are a popular choice due to their resistance to fading, cracking, and peeling. Acrylic paint is available in matte paint, eggshell paint, semi gloss paint,  high gloss paint, and flat paint.

Elastomeric Paint

If you're considering painting a house with stucco in Roseville CA, elastomeric paints are an ideal selection. Designed to be exceptionally flexible for areas with strong temperature variations or homes that experience cracking and movement, these exclusive formulas conceal small cracks, surface imperfections, and blemishes on the home's outer surfaces. Plus, they provide a long-lasting finish!

Oil Based Paint

It's worth mentioning that oil-based paints are not available in the great state of California due to VOC (volatile organic compounds) laws. These regulations restrict the level of emissions from paint products, so vendors don't offer them for sale here. If you're a homeowner who lives in Roseville, it is advisable to explore other options like 100% acrylic and elastomeric paints when deciding on an exterior house painting project.

To achieve quality outcomes though, make sure you pick a premium brand and utilize appropriate application procedures.

The Best Paint For Exterior Wood Siding & Trim

Sherwin Williams Super Paint 

Sherwin Williams Super Paint is an ideal choice for exterior painting, as it offers unbeatable protection against fading, cracking, peeling, and weathering. Its high-quality formula ensures a smooth application on wood siding or trim that lasts long into the future. Plus its excellent coverage gives you complete assurance of its efficacy in withstanding whatever Mother Nature throws at your home! 

Sherwin Williams Super Paint is the perfect choice for wood surfaces that are exposed to changes in temperature. Its exclusive formula allows it to expand and contract without cracking or flaking, while its superior adhesion properties ensure your home looks polished and beautiful year after year.

Sherwin Williams Duration  (Best) $$$

Sherwin Williams Duration is an excellent upgrade over Sherwin Williams Super Paint for several reasons. Here are some of the benefits of using Duration:

  1. Longer-lasting durability: Duration is a premium exterior paint that is formulated with advanced PermaLast® technology, which provides superior resistance to fading, peeling, and cracking. This means that your paint job will look fresh and new for much longer, and you won't have to repaint as frequently.
  2. Superior coverage and color retention: Duration is also formulated with special proprietary resins that provide excellent hide and coverage, ensuring that you need fewer coats of paint to achieve the desired finish. The paint also features an advanced color formula that maintains its vibrant color even in harsh weather conditions.
  3. Enhanced resistance to mildew and algae growth: Duration contains powerful mildewcides and algaecides that help prevent the growth of mildew and algae on your painted surfaces. This means that your paint job will stay cleaner and healthier for much longer, and you won't have to deal with unsightly stains and discoloration.
  4. Enhanced adhesion: Duration features a cross-linking formula that creates a strong bond between the paint and the surface, ensuring excellent adhesion and resistance to peeling and blistering.
  5. Better protection from UV rays: Duration also contains UV blockers that protect your painted surfaces from the damaging effects of the sun's UV rays. This helps to prevent the paint from fading and chalking, ensuring that your paint job stays looking great for years to come.

Overall, Sherwin Williams Duration is an excellent upgrade over Super Paint, providing superior durability, coverage, color retention, mildew, algae resistance, adhesion, and UV protection. It is a premium exterior paint that is well worth the investment if you want a long-lasting and beautiful paint job.

The Best Exterior House Paint For Stucco

Sherwin Williams Conflex Elastomeric

Enhance the look and longevity of your exterior surfaces with Sherwin Williams Conflex elastomeric coating! This top-of-the-line water-based blend offers 100% acrylic resins perfectly combined with distinct elastomeric polymers for a product that flexes and moves along with stucco or other substrates, never once cracking or peeling.

The advantages of utilizing an elastomeric coating such as Sherwin Williams Conflex on homes with stucco are plentiful. To start, it guards the foundational material against water infiltration- which is a typical difficulty when dealing with stucco construction. This special elastic membrane offers complete waterproofing so that any moisture will never be capable of further damaging your property.

Elastomeric coating is the ideal solution for stucco, as it helps to counteract extensive cracking and other forms of deterioration caused by temperature changes. Stucco's rigid nature makes it ill-suited to thermal expansion & contraction - however, an elastomeric finish guards against this issue over time. The elastomeric coating provided by Sherwin Williams Conflex not only aids in absorbing any movement, preventing harm to the stucco but also offers exceptional adherence and longevity. This guarantees that the protective layer will remain for a prolonged period. With its variety of shades and finishes, it is easy to locate a product that will work with any home's style and aesthetics.

Sherwin Williams Conflex elastomeric provides numerous advantages for stucco homes, such as reinforced security and durability, in addition to a more attractive visual appeal.


When it comes to exterior house painting, there are a variety of paints that can be used. Each type has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, so finding the right paint for your needs is important. Sherwin Williams Super Paint offers excellent coverage and color retention while Duration provides superior durability with enhanced resistance against mildew and algae growth. For stucco surfaces, Conflex Elastomeric is an ideal choice as it helps to protect the underlying surface from water intrusion while also providing excellent adhesion and durability. Ultimately, choosing the right paint for your home's exterior will ensure that you get the best possible results in terms of aesthetics and longevity.