Colors Of The Year 2023

Colors Of The Year 2023

It's that time of year again when paint manufacturers like Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore and Dunn Edwards announce their colors of the year. 2023 appears to be the year that will include shades of Red that will be sure to enhance the interior space of any home. 

According to Andrea Magno, color marketing and development director at Benjamin Moor, interior designers and homeowners are looking to bring color back into their projects and their homes. 

We are looking forward to using these new color trends on our interior painting projects in 2023.

Trico Painting Blog Interior house painting showing Sherwin Williams color of the year Redend Point

Sherwin Williams Redend Point

Your interior painting project could include this warm blush-beige by Sherwin Williams called Redend Point. This year homeowners are leaning towards warmer whites, beiges, pinks and browns. Redend Point captures all of these tones in one color. We think this color would be perfect in large areas like a living room or a warm intimate space like a reading nook.


Benjamin Moore Raspberry Blush

It looks like Benjamin Moore is all in on the bold and beautiful. This rich vibrant color is sure to bring any room to life. We are happy to see some edgy colors coming from Benjamin Moore this year. Be sure to check out Benjamin Moore's  new color trend palette that includes 8 new shades of bold saturated colors that will spice up any space in your home.  We're hoping to see some of these color choices on our painting projects in 2023.

Dunn Edwards Terra Rosa

Keeping with the pink and red hues, Dunn Edwards has announced their color of the year Terra Rosa. The terra- cotta influence will surely add a dramatic touch to any space that this color is introduced to.

We think the colors of the year for 2023 are going to be a perfect fit and a welcome change for our customers looking to add color to the interior of their home.