Do You Have Questions About A Cabinet Painting Project?

Do You Have Questions About A Cabinet Painting Project?

  • What Is The Best Cabinet Paint For Cabinets?
  • How Much Does Cabinet Painting Cost?
  • How Do I Take Care Of My Painted Cabinets?
  • What About Chipping?
Best Cabinet Paint
#1 Benjamin Moore Advance Enamel Trico Painting  Kitchen Cabinet Painting Project

Our go to paint for cabinet painting projects is Benjamin Moore Advance. We have painted hundreds of cabinet projects with this product and the results have been spectacular.  We love the look and feel that this paint produces. Benjamin Moore Advance Enamel is a water-based alkyd enamel that provides a durable finish and out performs similar products from other manufacturers.  In addition to delivering beautiful results the product is easy for homeowners to use to touch up any chipping or water damage after the project has been completed. 

Benjamin Moore INSL-X Cabinet Coat

Cabinet Coat is similar to the Advance Enamel with the exception of a quicker dry time. We keep this product in our tool box when we are dealing with cooler temperatures or if the customer has chosen a dark color. Cool weather and dark colors slow down the drying process and Cabinet Coat addresses these issues. Cabinet Coat is a great back up product and is user friendly like the Benjamin Moore Advance.

Sherwin Williams Emerald Urethane

Sherwin Williams is one of key partners in our business. We use several of their products for our interior painting and exterior painting projects. We would consider the Emerald Urethane as the perfect substitute for Benjamin Moore. This product is a waterborne urethane with an extremely hard durable finish. We would recommend this to homeowners as well with a note that there may be more of a learning curve with this product and touching up may be difficult. 

How Much Does Cabinet Painting Cost?

Trico Painting Cabinet Pricing InformationWe would love to introduce you to our cabinet painting pricing guide. The picture we have provided illustrates how to go about counting your cabinets.  

If you visit our cabinet painting page on our website you will see a video of Sawyer ready to provide a ballpark estimate based on the number of cabinets that you have.  

We think this is a great tool for getting the process started. Although the estimate is not precise it is very close to what you would expect to pay if you hired us for your project.  

Here is an example of an answer you can expect from the video: If you have 38 cabinets then you would click on the button with 35-40 cabinets the answer would be $4,000 - $4,500.

The maximum price would be $4,500 for 40 openings so you should expect to pay less than this for 38 openings. Hopefully we have done a decent job of explaining this. If you still have questions we would be happy to meet with you at your home and answer any questions you may have. 

How To Take Care Of Painted Cabinets

Trico Painting How To Clean Kitchen CabinetsTaking care of painted cabinets is a fairly simple process.  We recommend warm water and a microfiber rag for routine cleaning. If you're dealing with grease or other spills like jelly, juice or soda, we would suggest the same microfiber rag with warm water and Dawn Liquid Soap. We do not recommend using any other cleaning solvents or polishers on your painted cabinets. These can cause a chemical reaction, bubbles or leave an oily residue that collects dust. Remember painted cabinets can chip. If you have kids or pets, Tonka Toys and Paws will chip and scratch the paint. Likewise, cabinets that are subjected to a lot of water with mopping or near the sink areas will see noticeable wear. Try to keep these areas dry after use and you will have a better outcome.

What About Chipping?

Cabinets, like any other piece of furniture can chip. The good news is cabinets that have been painted with the Benjamin Moore Advance Enamel can be repaired by the homeowner. The process is fairly simple and can be accomplished with a small 1 inch foam brush and the paint that is left for the homeowner after the project is completed.
Trico Painting How To Touch Up Kitchen Cabinets

  • Step One - lightly sand with 220 grit sandpaper and only sand if it is necessary to smooth out any rough edges where the chip is located.  If the chip is small take the foam brush and add a small amount of paint to end of the brush.

  • Step Two - Apply the paint by touching the chip with the edge of the brush. A small amount of paint should cover the chip. Let the paint level itself out. There is no need to move the brush or drag the paint around to other parts of the door. 

  • Step Three - Wash brush out and let dry before storing away. Put lid back on paint can and store it where you would normally store your leftover paint. 

  • Mission Accomplished!

If you have more questions about our cabinet painting process or if you would like to schedule an appointment for an estimate, please feel free to contact us at 916-550-9648.