How To Get Your Home Ready For A House Painter

How To Get Your Home Ready For A House Painter

Preparing the exterior of your home before a painter arrives is crucial to ensuring a smooth and successful paint job. Here are some essential steps you can take for exterior house painting

1. Provide Colors in Advance

Ensure that you select and provide the colors for your painting project at least three weeks before the start date. This advance notice allows your painter ample time to confirm that the necessary products and paint are in stock and available at the paint store. It also ensures that arrangements can be made for the paint to be delivered on a convenient day, such as the Friday or Wednesday before your project begins. This preparation step is crucial for avoiding delays and ensuring the project proceeds smoothly and on schedule.

2. Trim Plants and Vines

Plants, shrubs, and vines near the areas to be painted should be trimmed back. This not only gives painters easy access to the home’s exterior but also prevents any foliage from getting damaged or painted over. Make sure you trim far enough so that plants won’t immediately grow back into the work area.

3. Move Pots and Outdoor Furniture

Remove any pots, garden decorations, and outdoor furniture from the paint zone. This will give the painters the space they need to move around freely and set up their equipment. Ensuring the area is clear also helps prevent any accidental paint splatters on your belongings.

4. Close Windows and Doors Before Power Washing

Before the painters start the power washing process to clean surfaces, make sure all windows and doors are tightly closed. This prevents water from getting inside your home, which could lead to water damage or unwanted messes.

5. Secure Pets in a Safe Area

Pets can be curious but also may get in the way or harm themselves around painting equipment. Make sure they are in a secure, safe place indoors or in a designated pet area during the prepping and painting stages.

6. Adjust Sprinklers

If you have a sprinkler system, adjust it to ensure that the newly painted surfaces are not hit by water. This prevents not only water damage but also unsightly watermarks on fresh paint. Turn off the sprinklers for a few days if possible to give the new paint time to cure.

7. Repair or Replacing Rotted Wood

Before the painters arrive, it's essential to repair or replace any damaged or rotten wood on the exterior of your home. Painting over compromised wood can lead to unsatisfactory results and may not properly adhere to the surface, causing the paint to chip or peel prematurely. Inspect areas such as window sills, trim, and siding for signs of rot or damage and address these issues beforehand. Ensuring the surface is in good condition not only enhances the longevity of the paint job but also improves the overall appearance and value of your home.


Taking the time to properly prepare your home’s exterior before a house painter arrives is an investment in the success of your painting project. By following these essential steps—providing colors in advance, trimming plants, moving outdoor furniture, closing windows and doors before power washing, securing pets, adjusting sprinklers, and repairing or replacing any rotted wood—you ensure that the painter can do their best work and that the paint job will last for years to come.


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