How to Modernize Your Home with Neutral Colors

How to Modernize Your Home with Neutral Colors

Everyone has their own taste when it comes to interior design. And when you hear someone say they love neutral colors for a home, you probably think, “how boring!” But neutral colors are actually quite the contrary. When you use a neutral color palette, you can actually enhance your vibrant side by combining the best of both worlds. If you’re looking for modern home paint colors, neutral is the way to go.

What to Know About Neutral Colors for a Modern Look

Neutral Color Palette for Homes

The beautiful thing about neutral colors is how versatile they are. By using a neutral color palette, you optimize your opportunity to let your style shine. Some of the most popular neutral colors for modern interiors are:

  • Beige
  • Cream
  • Taupe
  • Ivory
  • Gray
  • White

By choosing neutral colors for home interior painting, you give yourself a canvas to work with year round. No matter the holiday, the party, or the season, a neutral palette allows your home to look timeless no matter what pop of color you may add in, if paired correctly with the right accents.

How to Decorate with Neutral Colors

When done right, a neutral palette combines the best of modern and cozy. To achieve this look, a mix of colorful accents and textures is all that’s needed.

Colorful Accents

While there’s nothing wrong with bright or bold colors, when they are the primary color of your home, they can leave a room feeling busy and chaotic – the complete opposite of what you want to feel when you fall into bed or kick your feet up on the couch.

The beautiful thing about a neutral colored home is that you can have pops of color all throughout, giving you the vibrance you want while maintaining the calming feel you need.

Here are a few colors that pair wonderfully when incorporated into your neutral colored home:

  • Monochrome
  • Black
  • Metallic
  • Bright and Bold
  • Patterns

Shapes and Textures

One way to give your home that modern look with all the warm and cozy vibes is through the use of textures and shapes. Here are a few great textures to add to your neutral interior to give it that soothing feeling you’re looking for:

  • Chunky Knit Throws
  • Textured Throw Pillows
  • Woven or Fuzzy Rugs
  • Linen or Velvet Drapes/Curtains
  • Wooden Pieces

In addition to textures, choosing intentional pieces of furniture in terms of shape can add depth and dimension to your space. A popular style of furniture for homes that are looking to modernize their look is mid-century modern. If you already have pieces of furniture in this style but still aren’t feeling the modern look you desire, then it’s time for an interior painting job to add in some neutral colors.

And while painting can most certainly be a DIY job, calling in the professionals for residential interior painting will guarantee you an effortless and perfect paint job that lasts for years to come. At TRICO PAINTING, we not only make sure your home looks flawless, but we can also help you decide what neutral color palette is right for you. Contact us today to learn more about our interior painting services.