Paints That Will Update Your Kitchen and Withstand Humidity

Paints That Will Update Your Kitchen and Withstand Humidity

Cabinet painting and refinishing in your kitchen means accounting for temperature changes and humidity fluctuations, since frequent use of the appliances means your kitchen must weather a range of moisture levels in the air and on the surface of the cabinets themselves. Here's kitchen cabinet painting advice you can trust for high-performing interior painting products that can take the heat and the humidity.

Types of Paint That Can Withstand Humidity

Use Paint with a Satin or Semi-Gloss Sheen

Semi-gloss and satin sheens are two choices that will make cabinets beautiful and moisture/humidity-resistant. According to the senior project manager and PPG paint specialist at Glidden Paints:

"Due to the high levels of humidity and condensation that both kitchens and bathrooms are subjected to, they become prone to paint cracking, peeling, and mildew. In order to avoid these problems, painting with a satin or semi-gloss paint is recommended. Satin and semi-gloss paints have a higher sheen value, meaning it provides a harder finish that proves more moisture resistant. Along with the benefits of moisture resistance, satin and semi-gloss finishes are also very washable and scrubbable."

Both are somewhat reflective for a bit of a shine, which makes them aesthetically pleasing along with being practical for the needs and demands of your kitchen and other high-moisture interior areas.

Trust Acrylic Interior Paints

Along with the paint sheen level, the paint type plays a role when finding a paint that can stand up to kitchen humidity. We rely on acrylic interior paint for humidity and moisture-resistant finishes and so do other industry leaders, like Housepect Building Inspections: "In contrast to oil-based paints, acrylic paints will resist blistering, flaking, or cracking and are rugged enough to withstand not only high moisture content in the air but also snow, rain, sand, and direct sunlight. Particularly for homes along seashores, acrylic paints are the best bet."

Acrylic paint is extremely versatile and resilient, especially for our California house painting clients living in waterfront properties, where temperatures fluctuate and moisture is always in the air.

Mitigate Moisture in Your Kitchen

You can't completely eliminate humidity in your kitchen and other areas of your home interior, but you can mitigate it to minimize the risk of compromising your cabinet paint. Using a humidifier in your kitchen can make a difference. Depending on your ventilation, using a fan or opening windows can help dissipate heat and steam as well. Check your kitchen after cooking and food prep to be sure that moisture isn't remaining on your cabinets that can simply be wiped off with an absorbent cloth or towel.

Choose Experts for Prep and Application

Even with the best-performing interior paint sheen and type, you can still see paint popping, peeling, and discoloration due to moisture damage far sooner than it should without proper surface preparation and paint application. Completely cleaning and drying the surface to be painted, as well as ensuring paint products are applied to a smooth surface, promotes proper adhesion of primers and paints. That complete adhesion forms the moisture and humidity barrier your cabinets need to stay beautiful, sturdy, and free of damage.

If you're scheduling kitchen cabinet repainting as part of moisture damage remediation, wood rot repair and replacement may be necessary, depending on how extensive the damage is. If the cabinet wood itself is cracking, crumbling, or emitting a musty smell, the rotted components of the cabinetry will need to be replaced as soon as possible so the problem doesn't spread.

Once the cabinet surfaces have been properly prepped and strengthened, professional cabinet painters can ensure seamless application of primers and paints proven to enhance humidity resistance. TRICO PAINTING is known for our cabinet painting work, and we can recommend a custom blend of paint products to fortify kitchen cabinets so they can handle heavy use, including frequent moisture and varying humidity.

We always allow ample drying time between coats, so cabinets are effectively sealed.

Our interior acrylic paints can match your favorite cabinet colors or give your kitchen a whole new look. We also offer moisture-resistant cabinet staining if you want to restore the natural wood finishes of your kitchen cabinets.

Whatever you can dream up, we can help you make it happen. Ready to get started? Contact TRICO PAINTING for your kitchen cabinet painting estimate today.