Safety Training At Trico Painting

Safety Training At Trico Painting

First Aid & CPR Training

At TRICO PAINTING we are constantly working on ways to improve our safety and training program for our employees.  This means that our customers can rest assured that we are committed to keeping our employees safe from being injured or causing damage to their property.  

Did you know that Cal-OSHA requires all contractors  to have at least one certified person that is trained to administer first aid to any employee that is injured on the job site. Well, you can rest assured that TRICO PAINTING is on top of this requirement. All of our employees are certified in both First Aid and CPR Training and all of our job-sites have first aid kits available along with instructions on contacting first responders, urgent care centers and TRICO PAINTING management to assist with the emergency plan and treatment. 

Fall Protection Training

Sawyer, Marcus and Juan spent the day in our office with Ryan from Falltech and two days in Los Angeles attending the Fall Protection class at Fall-Tech. We're proud to announce that they are now Cal/Osha Certified to train the rest of our Foremen and painters on how to use our fall protection equipment.  

Having the right equipment and training reduces the chances of our employees being injured while working on ladders and roofs.  We are committed to our safety program, the safety of our employees and to our customers peace of mind with the knowledge that their home is in good hands.

Tail Gate Safety Meetings

Our safety program includes bi-weekly tailgate safety meetings with all of our employees at our training warehouse. Each meeting covers topics ranging from ladder safety, heat illness prevention, tool safety and more.

Our 3M Representative helps with our respirator program. Here she is testing and certifying our group. Every employee receives clearance from a doctor and then they are fitted and trained on how to properly use, clean and store their respirator.

When our customers hire TRICO PAINTING, they hire us knowing about our reputation of customer service and delivering exceptional results. This doesn't happen by accident.  If you would like to learn more about our safety program or if you have tips, suggestions or recommendation to improve our safety program, please contact us at 916-550-9648.