What Color Should I Paint My Deck to Make It Look Timeless

What Color Should I Paint My Deck to Make It Look Timeless

Planning to spruce up your outdoor space this spring? Painting your deck is an easy and effective way to do so. Choosing a new color of paint for your deck can completely change the aesthetic of your home’s exterior. But choosing the wrong color can leave you with a deck that’s more of an eyesore than a cozy and comfortable lounge space to spend your days. Here are five of the best paint colors for decks and how to choose which deck paint is right for you.

Five of the Best Colors to Paint a Deck

If you’ve found yourself wondering, “What color should I paint my deck?” then we’re here to help! Choosing a color for your deck is a big decision, as it can change the entire flow of your outside area and set the tone for future memories to be made. Here are five of the best deck paint colors for decks that give your outside area that timeless, classic feel:

  • Black - While this may seem like a bold color choice, painting your deck black is a great way to add some contrast to your space. Because black is such a bold color, it is not for everyone. Planning ahead and thinking through the design and style of your furniture or any other outdoor pieces is crucial to deciding whether this color will work for your deck.
  • Brown - A nice, rich chocolate brown paint color is the perfect choice for those wanting the look of a wood deck stain but prefer paint. Like black, this color is also good for masking foot traffic or muddy paw prints.
  • Greige - Like its name suggests, a combination of gray and beige is becoming a very popular color for decks due to its timeless feel and ability to bring in added brightness. The perfect neutral color, giving off both a warm and cool tone depending on what accents you add around it, this color is as classic as it gets. Although a lighter color, it still does well to hide dirt and footprints.
  • Gray - If you’re wanting to go with a lighter color but greige feels too light for your taste, using a slate gray color may be a better choice. A nice gray can give off a modern feel while still maintaining that timeless look, and it pairs well with a variety of exterior house colors.
  • Dark Blue - While this color may seem like an interesting choice for a deck, this beautiful, deep color is a popular choice for those who live near an ocean front but want that classic look. This striking color perfectly conveys relaxation when paired with the right furniture and home exterior.

How to Choose the Best Color for Your Deck

Although you may like a certain color, it may not be the right wood deck paint for your space. Here are some other factors to take into consideration when choosing the best color for your deck:

  • Color Palette - Unless you plan to repaint your home’s exterior as well, choosing a color that will flow well with your current color scheme is important to ensure a calm and comfortable environment for your deck space.
  • Functionality of the Space - Family gatherings, a children’s play area – these are all aspects you want to consider when choosing the color for your deck. Will you need a darker color to hide lots of foot traffic? Do you want to set a cozy and comfy mood or a playful and bright one? Knowing how you plan to use your space ahead of time will help you narrow down which color is best for your deck.
  • Wear and Tear - Since it is an outside space, whether it be from messy paw prints or the rain and sun beating down, daily wear and tear will happen. Choosing a paint that can withstand those elements to a degree will help ensure a long-lasting look for your deck.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Painter

Painting decks is easily a DIY project. But preparing and painting the deck can be time-consuming. When you hire a professional painter like the experts at TRICO PAINTING, you’ll not only get experience, but also the knowledge of what paints are best for your deck and tips on how to maintain the deck for long-lasting results. Whether you need a recommendation on a solid deck paint or you just don’t have the time to put into another painting project, TRICO PAINTING is here to make your deck dreams come true! Contact us today for an estimate on your deck refinishing project.