What is Elastomeric Paint Coating?

What is Elastomeric Paint Coating?

Elastomeric coatings are a specialized type of high-durability exterior paint. Up to 10 times thicker than standard exterior paint, elastomeric paint forms a thick yet flexible coating that helps waterproof home and HOA exteriors.

TRICO PAINTING uses elastomeric coatings on a wide range of projects. Here are some advantages, uses, and considerations to think about before starting your next exterior painting project.

What to Know About Elastomeric Paint

Uses of Elastomeric Paint

When selecting exterior paint, elastomeric coatings are suitable for many surfaces, including stucco, concrete, masonry, brick, and more. Elastomeric paint can be safely applied on walls as well as roofing, depending on what type of roofing you have on your property.

Elastomeric stucco paint is a popular choice with Roseville, CA, homeowners and businesses because it's more energy efficient and resistant to the wear and tear that would otherwise happen in a hot climate. Elastomeric coatings are heat-resistant and can drastically improve the energy efficiency of structures where it's applied. Its UV-resistance means it acts as a 24-hour “sunblock” for your exterior. This long-term durability protects your investment in your property and keeps it looking great, no matter the weather.

Because they're so flexible, elastomeric paints are popular in areas with weather or temperature fluctuations, too. You're far less likely to see bubbling and popping on exterior walls painted with elastomeric coatings.

What Makes Elastomeric Paint Different?

Unlike other types of coatings or paints, elastomeric paint bridges hairline cracks, creating an airtight, waterproof seal wherever it's applied. When liquid elastomeric coatings are applied, they completely dry and harden, but the bonds between the paint and the structure remain flexible -- moving, bending, and flexing with the surface underneath.

In addition to waterproofing homes and buildings, elastomeric paint protects exterior walls from premature damage. Elastomeric coating is chemical- and mildew-resistant, so you don't have to worry about harmful chemicals or allergens getting into your home interior through cracks and gaps. Elastomeric paint can be tinted to numerous colors and retains color well long-term. Your home or HOA buildings will look better and remain structurally sound for longer than they would with traditional paints.

Should I Choose Elastomeric Paint?

If you have any of the specialty surfaces for which elastomeric coatings are a good fit, it's a worthwhile choice. It can protect the structural soundness of your home in a variety of conditions and has the style and color versatility to suit a range of tastes and preferences. But there is one thing to keep in mind: DIY elastomeric paint isn't recommended.

The biggest asset of elastomeric coatings also accounts for the biggest challenge of using them. Because it's so thick and hardens so quickly, this paint is very difficult to remove and reapply. That means any of the common DIY painting mistakes (lumpy finishes, bubbling, and peeling due to incomplete drying, for example) are made that much more frustrating with elastomeric paint. Because its cost is also about 50% more than standard exterior paints, it's a wise choice to hire a painting contractor if elastomeric paints are a good match for your home or HOA property.

Get Your Money's Worth: Professional Elastomeric Coating Application

TRICO PAINTING has the expertise, knowledge, and safety protocols in place to safely apply elastomeric coatings to stucco, brick, and other specialized exteriors. We carefully clean and pressure wash every exterior surface we paint, performing any necessary structural strengthening, so you can rest easy that there will be no premature, costly repaints.

If you've never used elastomeric paint, we'll make recommendations for coatings based on your home exterior type, condition, and style. Give your home or managed HOA property a beautiful, durable appearance that resists whatever the weather and the elements throw at it. Contact TRICO PAINTING for your exterior painting estimate today to learn about the many benefits and versatile uses of elastomeric coatings.