Why Concrete Staining Is Perfect for Your Garage

Why Concrete Staining Is Perfect for Your Garage

Exterior painting covers more than walls and ceilings. Staining garage floors is a great way to protect your space, and TRICO PAINTING can help you get it done when it's next on your to-do list. Here's why garage floor coatings are a solid investment and other things to keep in mind when planning your project.

What to Know About Concrete Floor Staining

Benefits of Concrete Garage Floor Staining

Garage floor staining may seem frivolous. But if you've had concrete damage, you know how costly that can be to rectify. Professional staining services minimize damage and have many other benefits. Here's what our customers love about their newly stained garage flooring:

  • Better Aesthetics: Staining gives garage floors a sleek, polished look. Say goodbye to dirty, splotchy flooring and make the whole room look cleaner and more put together with a seamless garage floor stain.
  • Endless Options: You can stain garage flooring in virtually any color or style you want, including patterns and marbling.
  • Easy Cleaning: Garage floor stains make the concrete much easier to clean and maintain. Dust, dirt, debris, and spills rest on top of the stain instead of seeping into the floor, so all it takes is wiping it down or sweeping it up to get the floors clean and get back to your day.
  • Prevents Damage: Because the stain adds a layer of protection, it prevents undue damage to garage floors. Since moisture can't penetrate the stain, it can't wreak havoc on your flooring. The flooring is less likely to prematurely degrade, corrode, or crack if the stain is professionally applied and the floor is regularly cleaned and cared for.

Should I Stain or Paint Garage Floors?

Painting garage floors is a cheaper option than concrete staining, but it has some significant drawbacks. Namely, it doesn't look as attractive as a stained floor. If you've had professional exterior painting or interior painting services done elsewhere in your home, DIY painted garage floors will stick out like a sore thumb.

Beyond that, it doesn't truly protect your floor and doesn't save time or money in the long run. Paint is far less resistant to water vapor, heat, and chemicals than concrete stains and sealers. That means the more you drive on it, the more the temperature fluctuates. The more cleaners, oil, and chemicals you spill in the garage, the more often you'll have to repaint it. Most folks we've talked to who tried painting garage floors had to repaint every few months. Staining, on the other hand, can make your garage floor finish last for decades.

Why Hire House Painters for Garage Floor Staining?

If we don't recommend painting garage flooring, why do we suggest hiring a painting contractor to help with your garage floor staining? The simple answer is that stain is applied similarly to paint. We have the professional-grade stains, concrete sealers, and tools to customize your stain to your exact specifications. We'll be sure the flooring is properly cleaned and correctly sealed before applying stain, so your concrete is both durable and beautiful when the project is complete.

We'll make every effort to plan your garage floor staining project when humidity is low and the weather is warm, so your stain dries quickly and completely. It will only take about an hour for it to be ready to walk on, but it will be a few days before it's ready to drive on. That timing may vary according to weather conditions and the steps necessary to complete your project.

TRICO PAINTING is a solid choice when hiring exterior painters in Roseville, CA, and the surrounding communities. We can stain garage floors and make sure garage walls, ceilings, and doors are in great shape, so your entire garage gets the transformation it deserves.

Whether you're making it more durable for vehicles, tools, and equipment or repurposing it into additional entertainment space, we'll work with you to create a garage that impresses your guests and adds value to your property. Ready to get started? Contact TRICO PAINTING for your project estimate today!