Who Are The Best Cabinet Painters In Roseville?  (Reviews/Ratings)

Who Are The Best Cabinet Painters In Roseville? (Reviews/Ratings)

Even though we at TRICO PAINTING paint kitchen cabinets in Roseville and the surrounding area every year, our customers oftentimes want to know who some of the other cabinet painting contractors in the area are. And with our continued focus on transparency and education at TRICO PAINTING, here are a few cabinet painters in Roseville to consider as you're looking to have your kitchen cabinets painted.  

We know that finding a top-notch painter can be difficult so we have compiled some helpful information on who is considered among the most reputable cabinet painters in Roseville.  Read on to learn more about who they are and why they should be your go-to choice when it comes time to hire a professional cabinet painting paint job.

If you're looking to find the best cabinet painters in Roseville, reviews are an essential step. Although many review sites exist, none of them can provide a reliable and accurate assessment on their own. To make sure we get the most bang for our buck, let's start by using Google Maps' My Business review scores - it appears to be the go-to tool for Roseville Cabinet Painters customers! 

Once you know enough about what you want, it’s time to start vetting a painting contractor that specializes in kitchen cabinet painting for your project in Roseville Ca.


This compilation of cabinet painters from Roseville contains some of the most well-regarded contractors that are in the area. Every single one has an impressive 4 or 5-star rating on numerous Google local reviews!

Each highly-qualified cabinet painter is presented with details from their websites (minor edits have been made for consistency and clarity), as well as the regions they are known to service. Before beginning your search, make certain you ask any potential contractors if they cover your area!

Some Of The Top Rated Cabinet Painting Contractors In Roseville

The top-rated cabinet painters in Roseville, California are:

Springs Painting Co., Perryman Painting, Brooks Painting, and Paintrite Pros. Each of these businesses offers high-quality service with an experienced staff who have years of experience in cabinet painting. 

Springs Painting Co. 5.0 Rating

Springs Painting is a painting company that has been a fixture in the Roseville area for over 20 years and they are known for their attention to detail and customer satisfaction.  With a 5 Star rating on Google and over 180 reviews, it only makes sense to mention Springs Painting Co. as one of the top cabinet painting companies in Roseville Ca. 

Brooks Painting 4.9 Rating

Brooks Painting is a family-owned and operated business that proudly specializes in all aspects of painting, whether it's residential or commercial. Our painters are fully trained to handle projects big and small, no matter how complex they may be. Plus, we have estimators available full-time who can manage both commercial as well as home projects – including our esteemed owner Jeremy Brooks! He is always on hand when you require a free estimate without any commitments involved whatsoever. To find out more about what sets us apart from other companies - like the kitchen cabinet painting services we offer in Roseville Ca., visit us online today!

Paintrite Pros 4.8 Rating

Lastly, Paintrite Pros specializes in custom spray finishes that can give your cabinets a unique look without having to break the bank or sacrifice quality craftsmanship. Paintrite Pros provides cabinet painting services in Roseville Ca. 

Perryman Painting 4.3 Rating

Perryman Painting prides itself on being able to deliver results that exceed expectations while staying within budget, making them one of the most sought-after cabinet painter services in Roseville. 

The Benefits of hiring an experienced professional for kitchen cabinet painting 

Hiring an experienced professional cabinet painter to paint your kitchen cabinets can prove invaluable, as the right painter will have the knowledge and skills necessary to create a stunning finish for your home. A professional cabinet painter knows how to best prepare surfaces for painting. They also know which primers, sealers, and topcoats to use to ensure the best results. Keep in mind, not every painter is a cabinet painter, and painting kitchen cabinets requires years of kitchen cabinet painting experience, specialized tools, and the expertise to use these tools.

Common mistakes to avoid when selecting a painting contractor to paint your kitchen cabinets 

When selecting a cabinet painter in Roseville, California, it is important to avoid making some common mistakes. While there are many reputable and experienced cabinet painters in the area, there are also those who may not be up to par with their services. To ensure that you get the best results for your project and don't waste time or money on subpar services, here are some of the most common mistakes to avoid when choosing a cabinet painter in Roseville. 

  • Thinking that the lowest price will always get you the best service.
  • Having your cabinets painted by an unlicensed painter and no insurance.
  • Hiring the same paint crew for your exterior paint job and your cabinets. (Not All Painters Can Paint Cabinets)
  • Hiring a contractor without researching their experience and customer reviews. 
  • Not asking for references or pictures of previous projects. 
  • Not having an exact budget in mind for having your kitchen cabinets painted before beginning the project. 

Important Questions To Ask The Painting Contractor

When considering a kitchen cabinet painting project, it is important to ask several questions before committing to the project. It is essential to ask about the contractor's experience and reviews from previous customers. Inquiring about the contractor's licensing and insurance is also essential for protecting yourself from any legal issues that may arise. Additionally, asking for references or pictures of previous projects can help you to get an idea of the quality of work they provide. Here are some additional things to consider:

  • Ask for a detailed scope of work outlining the exact steps the contractor is going take to prep the kitchen cabinets.
  • What type of primer are they planning to use?
  • What brand of paint will the contractor use?
  • How many coats of paint will be applied?
  • Will the kitchen cabinets be painted on-site or does the contractor take them to his shop?  
  • How long will the job take?
  • Does the contractor offer other painting services besides cabinet refinishing?

Finally, make sure to have an exact budget in mind before beginning your project so that you know what kind of results you are expecting and can avoid any unnecessary costs.  With a little bit of research and planning, you can find the best cabinet painter in Roseville at a competitive price that will do a fabulous job painting your kitchen cabinets.


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