Tips for Choosing Interior Colors For Your Home

Tips for Choosing Interior Colors For Your Home

Picking out interior paint colors can be a fun and exciting process. However, it can also be overwhelming at times. The interior colors of your home can set the tone for your home’s decor, furniture, and overall feeling of each room. Where do you begin when choosing interior colors for your home? How do you decide which colors complement each other best?

In this article, we will cover a few different ways you can find the perfect paint for your home and the best way to bring your vision to life. If you are finding yourself overwhelmed by massive displays of color samples, want to learn how to choose colors for your home, or are simply entertaining the idea of repainting your home, read on for our best tips on making these big interior design choices.

Decide On a Theme  

One of the best ways to start picking out a color is to decide on a theme. This theme could be throughout your whole home, or it could vary from room to room. As you look at different themes, you may find art deco reflects your personal style more, or perhaps a modern farmhouse aesthetic may have the coziness you're hoping to achieve. You may also be satisfied with the current theme of your home and are simply looking for a way to refresh your space. 

Pinterest can be a great source of inspiration when you are deciding on a theme. Take a look at how others design their home and what paint colors are commonly used in certain themes. There are many mood and color boards on Pinterest that can help guide you in the right direction to find a theme that works for you. One great way to figure out your personal style is to pin several images that resonate with you to one board, then review them to find common themes.

You can also take a look at Houzz to get different ideas for your home. Houzz can provide inspiration for many different rooms of your home and help you find the perfect concepts for your space.

As you decide on a theme, you can take note of different color palettes and themes. These categories of colors can show you which colors are most compatible together. Color palettes can also provide you with a myriad of colors that you like so that you can narrow it down to a few choices while still giving yourself options to include multiple colors in the room as a whole because they all go together.

Consider Your Decor

The way you want to decorate your home will also impact the colors you wish to paint your walls. When you have guests walk into your home, what do you want their eyes to be drawn to first? You may want them to notice the beautiful colors of the walls. You may, however, want them to notice the statement piece on your fireplace mantel or the beautiful sectional in the living room. No matter your choice, you can find a paint color that works best for your personal goals!

If you want your walls to catch a guest's attention, you may want to paint them a bold color. However,  you may want to go with a more neutral color if you want to have your decor be the main focus.

Decide How You Want Your Room to Feel 

The color of your walls can also affect how spacious the room feels. This is another important aspect to consider as you pick out interior colors. Rooms with light-colored paint often feel bigger, while rooms with darker paint feel smaller.

If you have a larger room that you wish felt a bit cozier, it’s a great opportunity to consider choosing a darker paint. If you really want to get creative, you can even make the ceilings feel a bit shorter by painting them a darker color. You may be hesitant to paint a room a darker color as it’s a less common choice. However, darker-colored walls are often seen as classy and intriguing. Even if you don’t want to commit to painting a full room a darker color, these shades can be a fun way to add a statement wall to a larger room for some creative flair.

Painting a room with light colors, on the other hand, can make it feel a bit more open. If you choose a light gray or even white, it can make the room feel that much brighter, as the light colors reflect more light. This can help with rooms that may feel a bit tight or where you want to really emphasize any natural light coming in.

The warmth of the interior paint also contributes to the feel of a room. If you have chosen a modern theme, you may want a cool-toned color, as it makes a room feel open and refreshing. However, if you are going with a more natural or bohemian style, a warmer color may be more suitable, as it can feel cozy and welcoming. 

You may also want to consider if you want your walls to have a more classic feel, or be on the trendy side of interior design. While trends are always changing, neutral colors like grays and beiges will stick around and can be built off throughout the years. However, you may want something new and exciting, such as a 2023 color of the year. Whatever you choose, it is important that you choose colors you will be happy with for some time, as most people won’t want to go through the process of painting a room on a regular basis.

Look at Paint Samples

Once you have decided on the theme and evaluated your interior design goals, you have a better idea of the specific color you are looking for. However, even if you have narrowed it down to a specific color palette, your journey doesn’t quite stop there. There are still many different shades and undertones to choose from. You may also want to have an accent color for a single wall or paint a different room a complimentary color.

Visit your local Sherman Williams or Benjamin Moore to see what paint samples they have available. As you visit paint stores, you can collect paint swatches for free and see which specific colors stand out to you the most. 

While picking out paint colors, it used to be common to receive paint samples from a store like Sherman Williams. You would then paint a small square on the wall you wish to paint and see if you would like the whole wall to be painted the same color. While this has helped others pick out the paint in the past, peel-and-stick paint samples have vastly improved this process. 

Now, you no longer have to use the supplies and spend time painting a swatch of color on the wall. Instead, you can use peel-and-stick samples to simply stick the sample on the wall and see how you like it in your home. You can even leave it up for a few days to see if the color grows on you or if your opinion changes over time. If you don’t like it, you can simply remove the sample completely hassle-free. This also ensures that paint samples that you don’t like won’t show up underneath your chosen paint color. 

Ask for Advice

If you wish to repaint your own home, the final decision of the paint color will ultimately be yours. However, it can be helpful to ask for the opinion of those closest to you or an interior designer may be the perfect solution. Make sure that your designer is a Certified Interior Designer and has passed the IDEX California exam.  It is also important to consider the thoughts of others living with you. If you can’t decide between a few different colors, others living in the home can help you choose. 

Once you’ve brought home a few different peel-and-stick samples, especially if they only have subtle differences in hue and warmth, inviting friends and family over can give you a few different perspectives on how the colors are perceived. This can help you decide on a few colors you are stuck between and give you confidence in the decision you make. 

Don’t Paint on Your Own

Once you have picked out a paint color, or possibly multiple paint colors, it is time to start the actual painting process. However, there is another option besides going through the work of painting your home. 

Repainting the walls requires the time-consuming task of taping off trim, windows, door hinges, light switches, corners, and more. You will also have to grab tarps and cloth to protect your floor from paint and collect all the supplies needed to paint your home. This is all before you get to see your home refreshed with a new coat of paint. 

Rather than spending all this time and going through all this work, consider hiring painters. A painting crew is experienced with taping edges off quickly and keeping belongings safe from paint. This takes the worry off of your shoulders while saving you the work of painting your walls.


TRICO PAINTING can transform your home with your carefully picked paint colors. Our experienced painters will explain our entire process to you and care for your home as if it was our own. This will give you confidence that the project will be done well and swiftly. Our goal is not only to bring a fresh, clean look to your home but to provide you with a positive experience from beginning to end. 

You have gone through many steps of decision-making once you pick out interior paint colors. TRICO PAINTING can make the final steps that much easier and bring your vision to life. Book a consultation with us today to learn more about our detail-oriented team and get started on revamping your home!